A Stripping of Comforts

Recently my 1.5 year old lost his pacifier – and I ran out of backups. My first son never really took one, so it was foreign to me to have a babe that desperately needed it so often. So I had the choice to force weaning him from it or get a new one. I chose the first option. Poor guy, he was having a pretty rough time.

Just a few months ago I successfully weaned him from nursing, after about two months of hard nights and days trying to get him unhooked. I started to think about why it was so traumatic for him. And it’s simple really, I’m removing something from his life that comforts him.

To which I thought, “Hmm, that’s familiar.”

God has been leading us on a journey that has resulted in comforts being removed. In the last 3 years the comforts of money, safety, friends, family, and things that were familiar have been slowly stripped away more and more. At first it was very uncomfortable. I might have even thrown a few tantrums. But by now, I’ve not only gotten used to it, I welcome it. For it’s in discomfort that often you have the chance to grow the most. To trust. To actually know who – or what – you really put your trust in.

Ultimately God has done this, I believe, to force us to grow up a little. Kind of what my little babe has to go through. But I think the big reason why is to learn:

He is sufficient. He is enough.

He is our comfort. Not our house. Not our money. Not our marriage or relationships. It’s Him. So in other words, if all those other things in life were removed (which, let’s be honest could be removed at any time), the ideal response would not be a traumatic one, but a peaceful one.  One that’s totally and completely comforted by the sufficiency of Christ.

As for my baby, well…I broke and got him a new pacifier. I know – tsk tsk! Let’s just say I’m saving that battle for the road ahead. But he’ll learn soon enough that the little bit of temporary comfort that a piece of plastic and rubber can give him will soon hopefully be replaced by something far more valuable and eternal – the comfort of the true and living God.

11 thoughts on “A Stripping of Comforts”

  1. Thank you for this reminder. My husband and I seem to be entrenched in our own stripping of comforts and to say it has been a challenge would be putting things mildly. It’s been so hard to see God in our circumstances and your words tonight hit like a bag of bricks. Thank you.

  2. I really been learning this as well. I’m still a bit spotty on welcoming the stripping away (I’ve also thrown my share of tantrums), but over time, I’m starting to see the fruit that it is bearing. Thanks for sharing such encouraging words.

  3. I had to smile as I read your story about the pacifier….as our son “needed” his too. At around the same age I tried to break him of it….doing all kinds of things to gently remove it…nothing worked and after about six months of trying all sorts of things he walked up to me one day and put the thing in my lap and I said…should we wash it? and he said no,
    I don´t want it:)): He was the same with the bottle as well as potty training and look at it this way…when it comes to pacifiers, bottles, potty training, etc. does it really matter when you look back and he is ten years old….does anyone really care when he gave up the pacifier or the bottle or anything else. It all works itself out in the end and every child is different….some take longer and some not as long. I wouldn´t sweat it if I were you:) Enjoy him while he is still “your” little guy cause you will blink and he will be in collage and then somedays you will long for a day with him and his pacifier……………

  4. Howdy Evie,

    I stumbled across your blog a few days ago while looking for some craft ideas for Christmas. (Which I found and absolutely am thrilled about finishing). I just wanted to thank you for your blog, and the encouraging words you share with such vulnerability and authenticity. I’m praying that God continues to use your blog to spread his love and glory.


    1. Hi Angela, thank you so much for your uplifting comment. Authenticity is hard, but God is working on me, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing even more. So glad to hear that you used some ideas for Christmas too! Do keep in touch!

  5. I came to your blog via the Pasta necklace link-( can’t wait to try w/ my lil one ;>)- and found this post. I must say THANK YOU for this post! It really put things into a different perspective. Thank you, Thank you~

  6. I just had my first baby in November and he moved on from the pacifier quick. I like how you compared the comforts to a baby to the comforts of adults. It seams much simpler to comfort our little ones but your post reminds us that comfort is not that complex. It was a nice read. BTW I always enjoy your blog.

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