Rubber Band Jewelry

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know I love making things from everyday items. (Like my all time most popular post, earrings from paperclips.) Slightly more mundane than the paperclip, in my opinion, would be the rubber band. Surprisingly even this can be turned into something beautiful.

It’s really simple. Using #84 rubber bands (which are the widest variety I could find), you can make simple and awesome pieces of jewelry that no one would ever think were formerly a mere office supply. You can get them at Staples – a bag of 45 bands for 3 bucks. Unfortunately they only come in beige, but I found that you can paint them with acrylic craft paint to get more interesting color. For the pieces above, just snip rubber bands into squares and thread them on your necklace cord or wire for the earrings.

You can bunch them together in a lot of ways to get a variety of different shapes.

For these, all you do is arrange the rubber band formation the way you want and pierce it with a large sewing needle through all layers. Then take a piece of jewelry wire and thread it through the holes. All these above could be strung on a chain or cord to create a necklace.

If you try this project, please let me know! I would love to see how yours turn out. Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Rubber Band Jewelry”

    1. Ladies, thank you! It’s always nerve-wracking putting work out there, but it’s worth it just to have one or two comments like yours. 🙂

  1. I really love this idea and the organic shape the necklace takes (like ribbon candy). I also like the half painted (dipped) white one below it (I’d like to try it half in gold).

  2. I almost never leave comments, but this is to brilliant an idea that I had to let you know!
    This will be the present for all the women in my family for christmas, ty! <3

  3. This is excellent! I love DIY jewelry, and the fact that these are made with boring old rubber bands makes it even better! Thanks!

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