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I can’t believe it, the summer is almost over. I have a lot to share with you – things I’ve been thinking, and things I’ve been working on.

I’ve been painting some rooms in our house. That has been time consuming, but rewarding in it’s completion. We love our 80 year old house in midtown, but beige walls were everywhere when we moved in, and well, I like color. So now the living room is midnight blue, the laundry room is a cool mint, the dining room is a grey-white. It makes such a difference.

I’ve been doing some art experiments on balsa wood. It’s nice to try out a different element for a canvas.  It’s super absorbent, so it lends an interesting effect.

I also made a few of the earrings I create to sell in a local boutique and used balsa wood and 3-d paint for the packaging. Did you know you can cut balsa wood with scissors? Fun stuff.

I’ve unplugged more from social media – I feel like it’s such a time suck and really cuts down on my own productivity. It’s nice to have less noise and clutter.

Trying new projects like this small clay vessel imprinted with a lace pattern. I’m loving creating little vignettes in my home that offer bits of beauty and serenity – away from the legos, cars and nerf guns that proliferate on the floors.

I’m prepping for my conference talk that is happening in just a few short months. I’m excited, but I’m also nervous and have lots of doubts that this SAHM has anything worthwhile to say.

But mostly, I’m reading. I’m waiting. I’m pondering things about faith, church and art. Reading books like the Tangible Kingdom and learning about incarnational community and being missional and realizing that I need to be completely immersed in God to pull anything like that off. Bonhoeffer’s works, and Tozer that completely mess me up – in a good way. Interesting reads, like A.J. Jacobs A Year of Living Biblically. They challenge my thinking and cause me to ask questions.

So there ya go, and those are all reasons this blog has been a bit quiet lately. 🙂 Not to mention enjoying my summer with the two best little boys around. But I hope to be writing more about things…in the meantime, I will be hosting a summer giveaway tomorrow – so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “My Lately”

  1. I like the idea of less distractions and more on the important things like creating! I’ve had a hard time slowing down while pregnant and now that I’m really close I see how good it is for reflection and thinking right now. My thoughts have been about the transition into 2 children, my new schedule, getting prepared and just loving on my boy who is here now 🙂

    Your prints on wood reminded me of the nursery art we chose for Sullivan! Here’s the sailor print~
    (we also got the Puurfect Cat, Elephant Baby and Story Bear)

    * I also just got out the 3 elephant art pieces you made for Brookes 4 years ago~ those are so fun, thanks again 🙂


  2. Hi Evie! Your blog is so peaceful and encouraging! What a beautiful and very sweet spirit you have! Your art is gorgeous, too! Please, keep it up! I just updated my blog yesterday too – I just finished a piece made from melted crayons! It turned out awesome!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and heart with the world! You ROCK!

    Hugs, Heidi

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