It’s a Great Day For…

It’s a cool rainy day here, one that calls for some indoor cozy activities – like embroidery.

(Pattern from the September For the Makers box. Download your own for free, here.)

Also, with the weather change, it seems to have brought out some big spiders around our house. This monstrosity was right outside our backdoor – so glad I saw it before it plastered me in the face. But it sure was beautiful.

Is the weather changing where you are?

7 thoughts on “It’s a Great Day For…”

  1. Evie, you are incredibly talented in so many areas. I enjoyed hearing you speak and meeting you at the circles conf. I didn’t realize it was you…I’ve also been following on pinterest for a while until tonight.
    All my best.

  2. Evie J. (formerly S.)

    Glad to have found your lovely blog. I am formerly Evie S. Twas funny to see an image of yours pop up on pinterest that resonated with me… then to see that it was “mine” haha! Love the way you’re using that embroidery floss… almost like crewel. Love it! Have a lovely wednesday!

    1. Oh it’s great to meet another Evie! It seems our name is on the rise…have you noticed that? 🙂
      Thanks for your comment, and lovely “meeting” you.

  3. nice shot, we’ve got some that size down in our half basement, yikes! The light is very nice- what camera / lens are you using?


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