DIY Wood Jewelry Holder

I love junk wood. Every month my neighborhood has big trash day, and I’m always shocked at the huge heaps of junk that make it out to the curb. My mother is the one who taught me to dumpster dive. I have no shame – I find many treasures from these piles. Out of the monstrous heaps of discarded wood, there is usually one or two pieces that (to me) are beautiful in it’s aged and desecrated state. This piece was just perfect for making a little necklace holder. So I rescued it and here is how it turned out.

Months ago when I was having some fun with dimensional paint for the Martha Stewart craft article, I experimented with a dot stippling method that could make some interesting designs. So I took that idea and tried it freehand on the wood in a diamond pattern and loved the results.

So all you need for this project is a an old piece of wood, 3-dimensional paint, and some hooks to screw into your wood, and a little elbow grease to screw them in. And whatever hardware on the back you want to use for hanging. Very simple and very inexpensive – my favorite combination.


6 thoughts on “DIY Wood Jewelry Holder”

  1. Danielle Humphreys

    Love it! I, too, have no shame in “digging for buried treasure” which sounds so much more sophisticated than “dumpster diving,” but then again, who cares when you get to repurpose what was left for trash and create something of beauty and worth with it. Is that not what God does with each of us? It’s redemption.

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