Dirt & Diety

There are some days I wake up with an extra special passion for my day. I want to do it all – cook really excellent meals, create things with my hands, paint, love on my neighbors and family – today was one of those days.

I’m in the beginning of a 36-week study of Genesis. I don’t think I’ve ever spent the time to go through the first two chapters verse by verse with scrutiny. The first chapter is amazing of course, which is like viewing creation through a telescope. The second chapter views creation through a microscope and lets you in on some of the detail in which God created.

I’m noticing how the Lord bent down and made man out of the dust of the ground with care, like a great sculptor.

How he personally planted a beautiful garden, like a master gardener.

How he made beautiful trees with delicious fruit and created a sweet aroma there, like an atmospherics expert.

Today’s painting: Oil on canvas

Why did he do all this? He did it for us. For us to find pleasure in it. For us to see His glory in it and point it out to others. And man was the high point of his creation, even though He knew we would fail. Human and fallible, dirt yet deity. Wretched and beautiful. And I have a higher respect for work – God gave Adam the work of tending the garden. It was supposed to be joyful, creative, meaningful and fulfilling. With Christ, I think our work can still be this for us.

I love what Olympian Eric Liddell said – “When I run, I feel His pleasure.”

When I create, I feel His pleasure. And I’ve discovered if I’m in this frame of mind with everything I do, I can find new meaning in even the most mundane tasks because He can be in it. Even the dishes.

God created everything – food, marriage, art, music – as sacred, to glorify God. -Josh Kouri

4 thoughts on “Dirt & Diety”

  1. Dearest Evie, Your blog is so sweet!! Your heart for Jesus and passion for life are simply amazing!! Thanks 4 letting God work through you in such beautiful ways! You are an awesome woman of God & He has amazing things in store for you!! I listened to your circles talk online last week – it was seriously incredible! I loved it! Have a good day 🙂

  2. beautifully written. our sermon at church was on this topic last week…it was incredibly refreshing. “When I create, I feel His pleasure. And I’ve discovered if I’m in this frame of mind with everything I do, I can find new meaning in even the most mundane tasks because He can be in it. Even the dishes.” well said!

  3. Evie I really enjoyed seeing your painting today. The simplicity in color of the loose black strokes was really inspiring for me. I also really like the brush strokes and area of paint I have seen behind some of your portraits. Would you mind sharing how you create routine space/time to paint with your two young ones? I am struggling to create the time to get into that mental space and then actually produce a painting, regardless of how simple or small, with a 21 month old running around. Do you give your boys an art project while you are working or just paint during naps? Would love to hear someone else’s strategy as my heart is needing that artistic outlet right now. Thank you!

    1. Hi Brooke, thank you for your kind comment. I’m truly grateful that both of my boys still nap, so the painting you saw on the blog post was done in a 2-hr nap time. I’ve had to fight through feelings of guilt for using this precious time on something I enjoy, but I find that it feeds into me on a very deep level and then I’m a better mommy. 🙂 It can also be a time of prayer or contemplation. I don’t usually try to do anything when my boys are awake, just because they are both high energy and can get into trouble doing just about anything, and it usually creates chaos. Find what works for you, but definitely make time for it. Hope that helps!

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