Consider the Birds

The birds and lilies either oil or spin, yet both are fed and clothed and receive their daily portion without being anxious for them. They need earthly goods only for their daily sustenance, and they do not lay up a store for the future. This is the way they glorify their Creator, not by their industry, toil or care, but by a daily unquestioning acceptance of his gifts.

-Bonhoeffer (The Cost of Discipleship)

I picked up this Blue Jay feather the other day. You can ask my husband, I regularly pick up random things that I find beautiful on walks and outings and put them in equally random places. Unfortunately my “treasures” often get quite mistaken for trash – so this find I carefully tucked away on my art desk with the ideal of doing something special with it.

So I decided to give it center stage in a $1 wooden frame I found at a thrift store. Using a single stitch to hold the feather on a piece of watercolor paper, it was complete. I painted with acrylic paint over the photo/canvas that rested within the vintage frame and I have a reminder of God’s perfect provision. I love that the Lord uses nature and beauty to give us glimpses of His character. And I also love that some of my favorite things around my home, are the simplest.

8 thoughts on “Consider the Birds”

  1. I usually come home from a walk with a handful of things too, but sometimes I wonder what to do with them.
    I love this! That feather is really beautiful!

  2. Evie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I love, love reading your posts. Somehow you let the rest of the world see your sensitive heart and allow vulnerability into your words. I love how authentic yet beautiful your blog is. It is very my favorite out there. Lovely.


  3. I love natural art, which of course is the first form of art, given as a gift from Him. What a wonderful reminder of the kind of faith that is so hard to have in the materialistic world we live in… that unquestioning faith in Him to provide.

    I think I will go hunting for a stray feather tomorrow and create my own “reminder”… also, love that frame!

  4. How lovely. I like picking up random things too; they’re like little pieces of the vast beauty of God’s creation. How wonderful to live and glorify God by “a daily unquestioning acceptance of His gifts”. So glad to have to discovered your blog; you have a new follower 🙂

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