In Celebration of True Beauty

Trumpism spoiled a few things in our culture in the last 4 years: kindness towards people who are different than you, regard for intellectualism, regard for science…Christianity. Another interesting phenomenon was the widespread embrace of one of the crudest brand aesthetics I have seen that

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It is the nature of love to burn – for mankind, for God, for our loved ones. It’s a natural familial love that mingles with an other-worldly, divine love. That’s why this verse is so intriguing, especially right now: And because lawlessness will be increased,

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Nature Vignette Summer 2020

Loved getting to spend some time in nature over the weekend, foraging for interesting and beautiful things for a new nature vignette. It’s important to cultivate intentional time to look for beauty. To stay curious! Enjoy this timelapse of its creation.

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