Better Co. Puzzle Design

My friend Vin Thomas over at Better Co. approached me earlier in the year to create a few puzzle designs for his stellar puzzle company. It was the dead of Winter when I created these, but the warmth and vividness of the tropical florals transported me to a different timezone! If you love keeping your brain and hands busy during this challenging time, puzzles are the perfect solution. There are two designs, priced at an affordable $25 each. Having a son that loves puzzles, and as a lover of good design, I have personally been frustrated at the options in the puzzle industry. So, these beautiful and high-quality puzzles are definitely filling a need for gorgeous puzzles! Go check them out!
Among the velvety rose, bold bird of paradise, and cheerful tulip, is the smell of sweet, fresh lemon. Visual artist and photographer Evie Shaffer has created a burst of summer on white linen. Dive into your senses with this 500-piece round puzzle. Your new garden awaits.
With a soft rose petal here and a thin lemon slice there, photographer Evie Shaffer brings an artful eye to the everyday in this 500-piece round puzzle. As if peering through a magnifying glass, see the delicate details and bold colors of this summer bouquet of fruits and flowers.

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