Artist Interview: Promise Tangeman

I’m really excited to share an interview I did with Promise Tangeman (awesome name, huh?). She’s a fine artist, designer, photographer, blogger, and she’s fabulous at them all. One thing that struck me about her when I recently came across her work is something deeper – her love for others and the tangible ways that she is making a difference in the world around her. It’s an inspiring read, so here goes!

promise tangeman

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 23 year old thrift shopper, fashion junky, a lover of the arts and expression, and I am very passionate about people and their ambition to follow their dreams. I thrive on new innovative ideas, creative thinking, and the re-creation of used or old things. I went to art school graduating with a double major in graphic design and fine art. On a typical day you can usually find me out photographing people’s lives in a fashionable style, on my computer creating/blogging about artistic thinking, or thrifting at Savers!


Fine art and photography by Promise

2. How did you get into art and design?
I grew up drawing, coloring, painting, making play food, building forts, and designing costumes. On snow days in junior high and high school i would destroy my old clothing and sew it back together in different and unique ways. haha, I thrived off of re-creating. But it wasn’t until later in high school that i realized i LOVED painting and the art of expression. I knew i did not want to teach art.. so therefore i was hesitant with going forward with an art career. Then one day my eyes were open to the possibility that EVERYTHING in the media world needed to be designed and created for sales, inspiration, promotion etc. I was so excited about the idea of creating for a living that i skipped the S.A.T. tests and went straight to art school.  I was NOT a computer person, so learning the computer programs for design was BRUTAL at first… but i muscled through it. I got over the hump and found freedom in creating whatever my mind dreamed of.


Flying Feathers and Paper Crafts

3. I love your “How To Feel Miserable As an Artist” post and can really relate to most points. What is your top weakness from that list and how do you combat it?
I am going to be really honest with this one.  Number 1 – Constantly compare yourself to other artists. I hate that i do this… but its the truth. I can tend to compare my success with other artist’s success. I can tend to have a competitive spirit so this one can at times get the best of me. I have come to realize that i am not like others, and I will never be THEM. If i do the things that they do.. i will still never reach what they do. And that’s because its not in my heart… its not who i am. i have come to find that when i create from the heart of who i am.. I begin to gain success when i do not try to do that. We are all very different with different strengths and abilities and I am learning to use mine in the most impactful way i can. The other one i battle with is number 10. Set unachievable overwhelming goals to be accomplished by tomorrow . Because i have that competitive drive within me i can be unrealistic with my “to do” list. haha. I have learned to just take it one day at a time, one project at a time… and be very thankful with what i have.

4. What inspires you to create?
I am inspired to create by not only the finished creation but also the process of creating. To me art is an intriguing process that starts with nothing expect the supplies in my hand, and my mind of creativity and ends with a finished creation that speaks. The finished creation always has a message to the viewers, even if it wasn’t the message i intended. Love inspires me to create. The love of people, vision, the loves of distortion, emotion, pain, joy, and the ability to strike a person deeper than words.


The Day I Made a Necklace // Handmade Cake Topper

5. What are some other passions you have besides art and design?
I love CHOCOLATE!!! Cookies, brownies, cake. haha. i have a major sweet tooth. actually i have sweet teeth. hah. i love the sun, the water, outdoors, driving with the windows down, getting outside, birds chirping, little animals and creatures, I LOVE FASHION, and clothes, i love encouraging people’s dreams, i have an extra love for people with ambition and passion. I love seeing people and artists using their gifts for a greater good. i do not enjoy cooking yet. haha.

6. Please tell us about the Art for Huruma project. It really caught my attention and I think it’s an awesome idea.
The Art for Huruma  project was birthed from two artists that wanted to contribute to the world with their art. Barton Damer is a friend of mine and we decided to collaborate on a an art project together, sell it, and send all the profits to an orphanage in Huruma Africa Called “The Huruma Childrens Home.”


We have created a lot of buzz about the project through our blogs. He started the fine art graphic design project, then he sent it over to me, I did some work on it, and then sent it back to him. We did 6 total rounds. We had no plan, we just had to finish what the other had started. The people that followed the project sent the links to their friends and saw the progress weekly on our blogs. We are now in the process of creating t-shirts and poster prints to sell to our readers and anyone else that wants to jump on board to help the children in Africa. We will be taking pre-orders very soon. Please tell your friends about this project.


Design work by Promise

7. Lastly, tell us something random or quirky about yourself.
haha. umm…. I was homeschooled. Its pretty funny, people mix up my name.. and calling me flower, surprise, poison, patience, passion, etc. Everytime Christmas comes around i get made fun of because my favorite Christmas album is still N’Sync Christmas. hah. its still sooo good.

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  1. GREAT article!!! I love her style and drive. Very inspiring. I will have to read that list of how to feel miserable as an artist!

    keep these coming! these are my favorite things to read!

  2. hahah. that list has been around for a while now. i couldnt tell ya who wrote it. Thanks for for fillin us in…. i tagged her in my own post about it. Hopefully she is the real author?

  3. @HH Thanks for the link, sometimes stuff like this circulates the web and its hard to find the original source. But we are all about giving credit where its due!

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