Artist Interview: Anja Mulder

As soon as I saw Anja Mulder’s collection photographs last year, I was taken. There is something about the way she arranges ordinary objects together that draws you in. She was so kind to answer a few questions for me…and we get to soak in the beauty of her work for a few moments.

1. What does art mean to you? What art is, everyone feels for themselves. For me it is a personal experience, based on instinct, something that can be shared and enjoyed, the expression of the maker makes you feel, art work provokes emotions. Art is about awareness and spirit.

2. What is one challenge you’ve overcome as an artist? It is a challenge to combine creativity (things that come from the inner world) with business (make a living out of the pictures / illustrations).


3. Describe one thing or person that has influenced your art the most. For me, that changes by the day.


4. Name three artists that inspire you. Friends inspire me & give good creative energy. I will name three: Louis Reith, Mara Piccione & Nathan Williams.

Thank you Anja! Your work is so inspiring – best to you!

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