Art Experiments

I have enjoyed experimenting more with my art as of late – I love exploring intersections of different ideas. A lot of them fail, but some of them are wins, because I believe it brings me closer to maybe an ultimate art form that I can stick to.

This particular experiment is acrylic paint on 4 different layers of glass and then stacked on top of each other. It really expresses the ethereal style that I’ve always been drawn to- a visual experience that isn’t attached to a known treatment or execution of art. Something that triggers the imagination and the emotional center of our human experience. I think art should and can be transcendent of the mundane routine that we grow accustomed to, maybe even jolting us out of a sleep like state, and awakens our spirit to something that has existed all along, but can be hard to connect to.

Anyway, I hope to be continuing experiments along this line, and as always thanks for reading and listening and caring! Much love!



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