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Special thanks to Jessica Hische for creating the beautiful logo.

I’m so excited to share with a great way for artists to use their talents to give back to humanity through their work. As an artist, I’ve struggled with the “why” behind the creative urges I have, beyond using them for profit or for myself, I really have longed for a greater purpose. I know I’m not the only one like this. That’s why I created A Beautiful Idea.

A recent aquaintance of mine hit the nail on the head so perfectly…she says, “how can God use artists to meet real needs in practical ways? Cuz my creative gifts seem futile up against a hurting world. Help!”

My hope is that this movement can be the vehicle to do just that – make a difference in a hurting world. Here is how it works:

  • Etsy sellers, independent sellers and artists create a unique product to list and sell in their store, with 100% of the sale of that item going to charity. This can be ongoing, or a one-time deal. Your choice.
  • Once a sale is made, you are responsible for donating the funds to ABI’s donation center.
  • At the end of every month, ABI will donate the funds given to the chosen charity and give a report on our blog. Every 6 months (or once our monetary goal is hit), a new charity or cause will be selected.

It’s a three-fold beneficial cycle:

  1. Artists have a way to create work for a greater purpose.
  2. Consumers are given the opportunity to buy a unique product that supports a cause.
  3. Charities are given the proceeds to help their mission.

Imagine with me for a sec, for instance if only 1% of Etsy.com’s current 200,000+ sellers (via entrepreneur.com) got on board making one $20  item a month – that’s $40,000 dollars a month! Think of the unprecedented change that ARTISTS could make in the world.

OK, you’ve heard enough and now you want to get involved, right? It’s simple.

  1. Just fill out this form to join the network.
  2. Get to work creating, listing and selling your unique product.
  3. Donate 100% of your item(s) cost to ABI’s donation center.

That’s it! Once you fill out the sign up form, you and your site will be featured as a participant on ABI. There will also be product highlights featured on our homepage.

So sign up, and tell a friend!

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Idea – Artists Changing the World”

  1. I love this idea! It’s exactly the kind of thing I love to find happening. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve blogged about it on my own blog today. And I’ll be signing up right now, too.

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