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Week of Paper: Pinwheels

After last weeks baby shower post, I had several requests for a tutorial on the pinwheels I created. So I thought it would be neat to do an entire week of projects that use nothing but paper. First up, pinwheels!

What you need: 8.5 x 11 paper, hot glue gun, double sided transparent tape, cardboard from cereal box

Step 1: You’ll need 8 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper to make a large pinwheel. Start by taking the paper (portrait, not landscape orientation) and accordion folding it, making the folds about 1 inch wide. (To speed up this process, you can fold two at a time.)

Step 2: After folding all 8 sheets, you’ll want to take them one by one and cut a round edge on one of the sides. Or you can skip this step, but I love mine looking a little bit curvier.

Step 3: Next start taping the folded pieces of paper together using your double sided tape.

Step 4: Continue step 3 until you have all 8 pieces taped together creating one long strip of folded paper.

Step 5: Fan out the strip in a round shape creating a circle and close it up using double sided tape.

Step 6: Cut out a circle of cardboard from a used cereal box and hot glue to the back of your pinwheel. This will give it stability and then you can punch a hole and hang it or press a thumb tack in to  stick it on the wall.

And you are done! To make the smaller pinwheel, just cut an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in half long ways, giving you two 4.25 x 11 strips of paper. You will need a total of 4 of these strips to make a pinwheel. Experiment with different sizes, and papers with patterns!  Try stacking the smaller ones on the larger to create a layered effect. Another idea is to use a decorative edge punch before folding to give the outer edge some added charm. You can do no wrong with these.

Happy pinwheel making! Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun project.

Easy DIY Accessories

Hi dear readers! I’ve got a couple easy DIY projects to share with you, a necklace and a bracelet! I don’t have step by step tutorials, so if you have any questions just ask.

Ruffle Necklace

A cute and easy way to add some interest to a boring outfit. Note to self: you are your own model, at least put on some makeup!

You need: A long piece of fabric and a necklace chain, needle and thread.

Cut a piece of fabric, sew long edges together and pull inside out create to a fabric tube (this step can be skipped if you don’t mind raw edges). Next, sew a gathering stitch along the middle and then just use a needle and thread to sew it to your necklace chain.

Baubly Bracelet

Is baubly a word? I don’t think so, but this bracelet reminds me of…baubles.

My hand looks freakishly large and manly here. Ah!!

You need: a rectangular piece of fabric and those craft pom poms you’re never quite sure what to do with. Cover your pom poms with the fabric, tying each ball in a knot with embroidery floss. Once done, you can hot glue your baubly (bubbly?) piece of fabric to some jersey or felt the size of your wrist and finish it with a button closure.

Yay! Now you have two really inexpensive, one of a kind accessories! Sweet.

Yet Another Wardrobe Refashion

I think I’m addicted. The clothes I would yawn over before are getting a second look in my closet now. To me it’s just as thrilling to revamp something you already own than to go out and buy something new. Because, you made it. It’s yours. And it’s unique. So here is another sweater refashion I finished that I wanted to share.

Dare I admit that I actually owned this drab thing? I think I might have worn it once…underneath something else!

Well here it is now after cutting out the neckline to more of a boat neck shape and sewing a patch of nautical fabric and button to the front.

I also added some sleeve pickups complete with buttons! (Inspired by this tutorial.)

Forgive my blinding pallor in these photos. I can’t wait until summer so I don’t look so pale! Well readers, have you been inspired to cut up, add to, or embellish anything in your wardrobe? Please share!

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

I’m really into ruffles lately. And apparently everyone else is too! Take a look at these great tutorials and ruffly creations from around the web.

From left to right:

Jersey Ruffle Refashion // Ruffle Necklace // DIY Ruffly Belt // Ruffle top by Lirola


DIY Halter Top from Threadbanger

OK, I’m getting over my averse feelings regarding posting about my fashion endeavors. There are too many great sewing projects to ignore. So, I saw this video tutorial to make a halter top from an old t-shirt. My husband was kind enough to donate one of his for the cause and I completed the project in about 15 minutes – with a baby in the same room! The only thing is if you follow the tute exactly the drape in the front IS quite low. For someone like me that subscribes to the “modest is hottest” philosophy, it was just too sexy for everyday wear. So I wear a top underneath and I don’t think that’s too much of a fashion faux pas.

DIY halter top

Anyway, give it a try! It’s pretty much instant gratification and such a cheap DIY top.

On a separate note: look at my moderately buff arms! That’s what happens when you carry around a 20 lb baby all day long. Ha!