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DIY Sequins & Bracelet

Hi all! This project has been in my head for weeks, maybe months. I finally got around to creating a tutorial for it. With this project you can make your own sequins and a cute summery bracelet with just a few supplies.

Here’s what you need:

  • Hemp cord – I got mine from the dollar store (or other cord)
  • Glossy Photo paper
  • hole punch in 2 different sizes – standard and a 1/16 punch (Fiskars makes both)
  • metallic paint

Step 1: Paint your photo paper on the glossy side with your metallic paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Let dry.

Step 2: Start by punching holes with your 1/16 punch evenly spaced.

Step 3: Next, take your standard hole punch a center the punch over the tiny punches you just made. Repeat this until you have your desired amount of sequins.

Step 4: Cut a length of cord long enough to wrap around your wrist three times (this gives you plenty of length to wrap the bracelet around your wrist twice, and make your finishing knots). Thread your new sparkly sequins onto your cord. Using this tutorial, create sliding knots on your bracelet.  Try not to laugh as she talks about how wearing big beads can hurt you when you hug someone. :)

Wear your new bracelet. The sliding knots make it super easy to put on and take off. You could also try different color sequins. Please let me know if you try it and I love seeing pictures too!

DIY Natural Soap from Soapberries

I love exploring the beauty that nature yields every spring. On a recent nature walk with my family, I was amazed to find these beautiful amber seed pods littered all over the ground. They remind me of stained glass or a faceted jewel.  My husband helped me find what they were when we got home. They are fruit from the Western Soapberry tree. Imagine my glee when I read that you could make from them…you guessed it…soap. The Western Soapberry is native to central and western Texas, and apparently it’s migrated to us Okies.

The common name is derived from the fact that the fruits, when crushed in water, create great quantities of suds and were used by West Indian/Mexican natives as a laundry soap, floor wax and varnish. { Source }

There are a bunch of different ways you can use soap from the soapberry. I boiled about 30 berries with 1 cup of water for ten minutes and then added juice from a lemon for a fresh scent for a concentrated blend of soap. You could also add essential oils for more variation on the aroma.

Use this natural soap liquid to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, windows, laundry or even your own skin and hair. You can use it to polish jewelry and it also is used to spray on plants to keep bugs away. Soak your fruit and vegetables for approximately 10-15 minutes in the soapberry liquid, rinse and remove harmful chemicals and residue. For more ideas, visit this website.

I love that this beautiful fruit has so many uses and it’s so simple. I love the idea of getting back to what nature offers to live a simpler, cleaner and healthier life.

I designed this cute little label in case you decide to make your own and give as a gift. Download the pdf here. Happy soap making!

DIY Hexagon Table Runner

Hi you guys! I’ve got a fun project for you today. This is something pretty simple you can whip up in an hour (sans kids). One of my goals this year was to make my home more beautiful. We are renting, and our space is nice, but pretty uninspiring. And with kids, it seems that every nook and cranny has been overrun by these little people. Adding some special handmade touches will help me create that more beautiful space I desire. I had an idea to make this runner, and my husband contributed a shrunken wool sweater for the cause. Yay!

What you need: Wool felt, or as in my case, a shrunken wool sweater. Scissors, this template, and a sewing machine.

What to do: Print out this hexagon shape onto plain white paper.  Cut out.

Pin your shape onto your fabric and cut as many as you need to create the size runner you desire. I used 15 of them to make a medium sized runner.

Arrange a pattern of how you want it to look beforehand and then begin sewing the edges together using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

That’s it!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

My Handmade Christmas

Hi everyone! I want to take a quick moment to say thank you to all the people who read my blog…especially the ones who have stuck with me for several years! I really love reading EVERY SINGLE comment and enjoy hearing from you. So, from the bottom of my big Evie heart, thank you.

{ image source }

I hope you had a great Christmas. This year was especially fun for me, I wanted to create gifts for my loved ones instead of buying them for two reasons: 1. I love making things 2. Hauling two babies around all creation to find the perfect gift for all on my list did not seem like an option. So as soon as November hit, I started creating – and here is some of the bounty!

Fingerless Mittens // Scarflet with vintage buttons

I knit alot of the gifts this year, it just makes sense because I can do it anywhere, anytime. Ask my husband, I was knitting something almost every night!

This is a pretty knit I-cord piece that can be worn as a necklace or doubled up as a bracelet! Made out of baby alpaca from Peru. I just might have to make one of these for myself!

Cute bow hairclips for some sweet little girls. You know I gotta get the cute frilly stuff out of my system somehow…no girls to knit for in my house…yet.

This was one of my favorites to work on. Some coasters for my brother in law that had various photographs of London, a place he loves. I used this concept to make them.

Did you give/receive handmade this year? I’d love to hear!

Week of Paper: Fringe Garland

Well, I ran out of energy and daylight to get tutorial pics of this project, but I managed to get some of the finished product! This project is so easy, and if you create a bunch of them, it would create quite the festive look for a party!

What you need: Paper, scissors, stapler

Step 1: Start with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and cut in the four equal strips.

Step 2: Fold each strip in half.

Step 3: Start creating your fringe. (To quicken the process, cut two or even three strips at a time.)

Step 4: After completing all your strips, you can staple the ends of the strips together to create a garland. Give them a twist around before stapling to give the spiral effect.

Tada! You can make this as long as you want and would look great in bunches of different colors.

Now go decorate something with your festive fringe-y garland!

Week of Paper: Gift Toppers

Day 3 of paper week! It’s been a fun challenge doing this every day. A lot of work though! Today we are making cute little gift toppers.

What you need: Paper of two different colors, scissors, glue

Step 1: Start by cutting a large circular shape out of paper. Gift it some wavy edges so it looks like a flower.

Step 2: Continue doing this, making each successive circle a little smaller than the last and using two different colors of paper.

Step 3 & 4: Using just a dab of glue in the center, start glueing the layers, largest to smallest. Continue until you’ve worked your smallest circle.

Step 5: Start cutting lines in towards the middle, leaving the center intact. I cut in a total of 8 lines.

Step 6: Start pulling, crinkling and bending the layers to give some depth and structure. Continue doing this until you achieve the desired effect.

Voila! A pretty easy way to liven up a gift for a loved one.

I’ve got a fun project for tomorrow. Until then!

Week of Paper: Flowers

Here is day two in our paper week! Today we are making beautiful paper flowers, like the ones I made for this baby shower. The difference with this project is I’m using vintage music sheets, which is a bit thinner paper and thus these have a little less structure to them. So, the thicker the paper, the more sculptural your flower will look.

You will need: paper, hot glue gun, cardboard, scissors

Step 1: Cut out a half moon shape out of cardboard (an old cereal box will do). This will be your template for the flower petal.

Step 2: Create a fold in your paper wide enough to fit your template on.

Step 4 & 5: Trace and cut out your petals. You will need 8-10 petals to make a full flower.

Step 5 & 6: Cut out a circular shape out of cardboard as your base. Begin hot glueing your petals one by one using a small dab of glue in the center only. Continue this with all your petals, staggering their placement evenly.

This should be what you end up with!

Again, use this idea as a jumping point for your own projects. These can be made in all different sizes, and petal shapes. You can also embellish the center of your flowers with large buttons.

Alrighty, let me know how you like paper week! I’ll be posting another great project tomorrow.

Week of Paper: Pinwheels

After last weeks baby shower post, I had several requests for a tutorial on the pinwheels I created. So I thought it would be neat to do an entire week of projects that use nothing but paper. First up, pinwheels!

What you need: 8.5 x 11 paper, hot glue gun, double sided transparent tape, cardboard from cereal box

Step 1: You’ll need 8 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper to make a large pinwheel. Start by taking the paper (portrait, not landscape orientation) and accordion folding it, making the folds about 1 inch wide. (To speed up this process, you can fold two at a time.)

Step 2: After folding all 8 sheets, you’ll want to take them one by one and cut a round edge on one of the sides. Or you can skip this step, but I love mine looking a little bit curvier.

Step 3: Next start taping the folded pieces of paper together using your double sided tape.

Step 4: Continue step 3 until you have all 8 pieces taped together creating one long strip of folded paper.

Step 5: Fan out the strip in a round shape creating a circle and close it up using double sided tape.

Step 6: Cut out a circle of cardboard from a used cereal box and hot glue to the back of your pinwheel. This will give it stability and then you can punch a hole and hang it or press a thumb tack in to  stick it on the wall.

And you are done! To make the smaller pinwheel, just cut an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in half long ways, giving you two 4.25 x 11 strips of paper. You will need a total of 4 of these strips to make a pinwheel. Experiment with different sizes, and papers with patterns!  Try stacking the smaller ones on the larger to create a layered effect. Another idea is to use a decorative edge punch before folding to give the outer edge some added charm. You can do no wrong with these.

Happy pinwheel making! Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun project.

Color Burst Baby Shower

Hey ya! Today is my b-day and my gift from my husband is FREE TIME with no kids. So I’m blogging! Ha! It’s been a great day so far.

Anyway, I’ve felt so fulfilled lately since I’ve been able to work on some creative things again. Recently, I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine and I got to work on invitations and decor. I loved it! Many of my friends asked how I did it with a new baby…my answer: I planned a month and a half in advance, and did a little bit each day. Here are some of the highlights:

Invitations – I loved how these turned out. They are bright, colorful and so pretty.

Favors and party decor – I really didn’t spend a dime on decorations. I used colored paper that I had on hand to create pinwheels of different sizes, large paper flowers, confetti garland and a name garland. It’s amazing what you can do with paper!

More pinwheels! So easy to make and so inexpensive, but really creates a festive look!

Cupcakes by a friend of the expectant mama’s, and beautiful flowers.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the decor…I can post a tutorial if I get enough requests. *Wink*

Cute Lil’ Knit Baby Booties

OK, this project made me want to have a baby girl SO very badly. Maybe our third kid will pop out female? I sure hope so! Anyway, I knit up some cute little booties for a friend of mine that is having a sweet baby girl this summer. Lionbrand Yarn has the free downloadable pattern, you just have to sign up for an account to get it.

Aren’t they cute? After knitting up the pattern, I used some vintage lace to create some bows and sewed them on the front. Then I hot glued a little rhinestone center in the middle. Now they just need some pudgy baby feet to go in them!

Are you expecting or know someone who is? I have 4 weeks to go in my pregnancy. Things are going great, I just wish I could speed it along a little!

Happy Friday folks!