I picked up this ugly un-finished serving tray with a duck motif at an estate sale a couple weekends ago. It only cost me $3, and it wasn’t too difficult to have a vision for its makeover. I decided to use some vintage wallpaper that I purchased a year ago to decoupage the inside of the tray. The paper was being saved for something special so I could maximize my enjoyment of the pretty gold pattern.

Serving Tray Redux

Here are the steps:

  • First I painted the entire tray (bye bye ducks) in an off-white color.
  • Then I measured the inside of the tray using some junk paper as a template. I placed the template over my vintage paper and used it to trace the shape.
  • I cut it out and used some sepia toned decoupage and brushed the underside of the paper.
  • I placed the paper on the tray being careful to align it properly. (One tip is start with one side and work your way over to the other side, otherwise you might have a lot of air bubbles.)
  • Let it dry then apply a top coat to seal the paper.
  • I thought it needed something else, so I just stenciled a pattern along the outside handles with a brown acrylic paint.

I really enjoy looking at it in my living room, and it looks great with accessories placed inside. The possibilities were endless when it came to redoing this tray and it could have a million different looks depending on what paper you use, the colors, etc. It made for a great weekend project.

You can see more photos of this fabulous project here and here.