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Moving Sale!

Since we are moving to Oklahoma City, I would like to get rid of some serious amounts of STUFF! So I’m discounting everything in the evie s. store to sell. I really want to get rid of it all! The less we have to pack, the better.

The sale includes – handcraft, vintage items, and note cards.


So please, clear my store out. :)


DIY Vintage Ribbon Belt & Headband

I picked up this vintage ribbon with a beautiful mustard yellow and green pattern. With some leftovers from this project, I used the jersey knit and sewed a length on either end of my cut ribbon. It’s great because I made it originally just for my hair, but it also fits around my waist, so I can wear it either way!


I’m off to go volunteer at a local school this morning. I started last week mentoring a 2nd grader to help her improve her reading skills. She’s so sweet, and I can’t wait to see her again!

HaveĀ  a great weekend everyone!

Vintage Watch Faces

So I won three vintage watch faces from a blog giveaway. They are really cool looking, but I’m at a loss on what to do with them. They are pretty small – about an inch and a half in diameter. Any ideas?

vintage watch faces

Vintage Trimmings and Books

My husband has a secret place here in town for getting great books for a dollar or less. I picked up 2 beautiful vintage books for $0.25 each. I am a sucker for a beautifully designed cover or a book with great illustrations. Anyway, this little secluded place is primarily a book sale but they had a random bag of vintage trim and ribbon for a quarter, so I picked that up too.


Even if I was a millionaire, I think I would still enjoy the thrill of bargain shopping and finding beautiful vintage treasures at obscure places. What are some great finds you’ve discovered recently?


Vintage Baby Clothes from Belle Heir

I couldn’t resist posting these adorable vintage clothing pieces by Belle Heir. They are really old…from the 1920’s and 40’s. I would totally wear these if they were larger!

belle heir

Vintage Items Added to the Store

I’ve finally added a batch of new items to my store! Everything has so much character. I love vintage goods!

From left to right:

Ceramic Whoo Owl // Brass Keys // Leaf Bowl and Teardrop Bowl from Haiti // Fighting Rooster Press


Vintage Buttons

I scored this last weekend. I got a big $2 bag of 500+ vintage buttons from an old lady’s collection. It was so fun going through and sorting them out. My husband helped me compartmentalize them according to the Roy G. Biv color wheel. Not many husbands would do this, I know. My mom had already given me her collection several years ago, so I should be good on buttons for awhile!

Vintage Buttons

I also got this vintage tray for $1. It looks so rustic and charming! To see full-size photos, go here.

Zoo Line Donkey

I recently discovered Zoo Line animals with the addition of the hippos (sold) to my online store. These vintage wooden creations are copy cats of Danish designer, Kay Bojesens works. The line includes a monkey, dog, bear, giraffe, deer, elephant, pelican, squirrel, woodpecker and duck. My husband recently found a donkey at an antique store that was closing down for dirt cheap. It’s quirky, but I love it! It’s new home is in my son’s room on his bookshelf.

New Vintage Products in the Store

Check out the Vintage Beauty section of the evie s. online store to see a few fun new items that have been added.

From left to right:

Perfume Bottle // Seahorse Bottle // 1900’s Book Set // Zoo-Line Hippos // Playskool Puzzle //Lindbergh style plane // Motor Vehicles

Vintage Beauty: Treasures from Weekend Jaunts, Part Three

If I could only shop at estate sales and discount stores, I would be a happy woman. Typically, I avoid the mall and mainstream retail shops as much as I can. It’s the thrill of the hunt that I love, and the satisfaction of finding great bargains that are unique. Not to mention I’m trying to buck the consumerist culture we are in. Here are a few of my favorite finds as of late:

1970’s children’s book – The illustrative cover is just brilliant to me. I can’t stop looking at it! // Vintage a-line floral skirt – A cute skirt with a great pattern and shape // Vintage white Macrame handbag – so summery and fun // 80’s gold earrings and pearl ring – love me some good jewelry finds

All of this for under $7! To see full-size photos, go here.

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