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Embrace Adventure

If there is one thing my boys have taught me, it’s to embrace adventure. To do it more, to do it big. To slow down and see the amazing world God created. I love seeing the world through their eyes. Why not run through puddles with your shoes off? Why not run screaming and laughing in the rain? Why not pick dandelions and put them in our hair? Add a little bit of adventure in, and the world will seem that much less mundane, and that much more magical. You can start small. Begin conversations with people you wouldn’t otherwise.  Stop on the shoulder of the highway and pick wildflowers. Venture across the street and meet your neighbors!

(My little Abe, who turned 2 this week. )

So happy weekend. I hope you embrace adventure, however it comes your way. Be intentional and let life amaze you. I leave you with a small paragraph from Don Miller’s book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”

Your brain doesn’t stop growing until you are 26. So from birth to 26, God is slowly turning the lights on, and you’re groggy and pointing at things saying, “circle” and “blue” and “car” and then “sex” and “job” and “healthcare.” The experience is so slow you could easily come to believe life isn’t that big of deal, that life isn’t staggering. Life is staggering and we’re just used to it. We are all like spoiled children no longer impressed with the gifts we are given – it’s just another sunset, just another rain storm, just another child being born…

PS – Many, many thanks for all your comments on my last post. It was a lot of fun to write something with more story and show you how I’m embracing adventure for myself. Can’t wait for the next one!

For the Makers

Yesterday I mentioned that I got a box in the mail filled to the brim with all kinds of crafty things from For the Makers. For the Makers combines DIY tutorials with hand-selected materials delivered to your door so you can discover new projects and create and share your projects with others.

Here is what I got:

I can’t wait to create with this stuff!

Simply sign up for $29 and every month you’ll receive supplies for four to six projects. They source the coolest materials and deliver them straight to your door, letting you skip straight to the fun part. They’ll walk you through each project with a fun how-to on their website but they also encourage you to explore the creative potential in each package.

The most exciting part is that once you make something, whether it’s one of their projects, or your own, you’ll be able to post it and share it with friends and fellow Makers.

This would make a great gift for the creative person in your life!

Summer Favorite: Outdoor Movies

I’m contributing over at Vivien’s great blog, The Eclectic Life today – it’s all about summer favorites. I really, really want to plan an outdoor movie night for my community, so that’s what my post is all about. Go check it out!

{ Via Under the Sycamore }

{ Via Wildflowers Photos }


The Butterfly

This butterfly alighted on my finger the other day. Poor thing had a broken wing. Butterflies are so magical to me. I never tire of watching them land and gently lift and drop their wings in a simple but majestic act before flitting away again. Anyway, while it hung out on my finger, I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo. Lesson: always have your camera nearby, you never know when a butterfly will decide to land you.

I’ve been busy this week with design jobs and getting ready for Craft Night. It’s not too late if you still want to join the fun! I also am continuing my Mother’s Day week tradition with some great interviews with wonderfully creative moms. You won’t want to miss my interviews with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, Suann Song from Simple Song, Michelle Dupont, Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom, and Disney from Ruffles and Stuff. See you then!

The Beauty of Christ

This is the message of the cross and why I celebrate Easter. An amazing work of redemption by a perfect man for imperfect people.

Lately I’ve wondered what my reaction to Jesus would have been if I were there. With all this talk about beauty, I wonder if I would have recognized the beauty that was Jesus.

He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. Isaiah 53:2

He was the epitome of beauty and majesty, yet so many people missed it. They didn’t have eyes to see. Would I have seen it? Do I have eyes to see beauty where it’s not obvious? Beauty in pain? Beauty in sacrifice? Beauty in a bloody, disfigured, and marred human being that loved me (and you) so much he was willing to give his life in the ultimate act of love?

Just as there were many who were appalled at him— his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being and his form marred beyond human likeness…Isaiah 52:14

I pray that I have eyes to see true beauty. That I don’t miss it when it’s staring me in the face. That I spend my life pursuing it with passion.

He is not here; he has risen. Matthew 28:6

Read the Easter Story >>

New Sponsor: Everyday Keepsakes

I’m pleased to welcome Everyday Keepsakes as a brand new sponsor! Their specialty is making personalized and custom jewelry pieces just for you! Browse the site for custom necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks that are beautifully handmade. It would be a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.  Stop by and tell Meredith that Evie sent you!

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Note Cards Sets for $5

I’m selling pretty note cards I’ve designed in my etsy shop! So if you want to snatch some up, I’m selling them for a super price…5 bucks each (for a set of 6 cards/6 envelopes). They make great gifts too!

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A Wee Survey

My site has been blowing up with traffic lately (thanks you guys!) I’m curious to learn a little bit more about the readers of this blog of mine, so I would appreciate it so very much if you could take just 2 minutes to fill out a quick survey for me. When you are done, leave me a comment on what you like best (or worst) about this blog and I’ll pick one winner for a special prize next week. Thanks a million!


Interview on Parenting Daily Times

Hi everyone, hope you had a sweet Valentines day! Just dropping in to let you know about a little interview I participated in with Parenting Daily Times. It’s mostly about A Beautiful Idea, but there are some little glimpses into my life at home and how to balance it all! So if you have a moment, go check it out!

Also, a special thanks to Craft Magazine for highlighting my paperclip earrings today!

Readers Decision 2011

Hi wonderful readers! I’m trying to spruce up this blog a bit, and blog more frequently. BUT, I want to know, from YOU, what you’d like to see more of on evie s. More downloads? More delicious interviews? More crafts? You decide by voting your top three answers below. Thank you as always!

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