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I love winter and I hate it. Being cold is just so miserable, yet I love the cool wintery hue that the world takes on, and especially when it snows – the stillness and wonder that thickens the air and seems to freeze time itself.

I’ve been knitting up some cozy gifts for loved ones. I tried my hand at making these little canvas tags that have thoughtful words stamped on them and sewing them straight on – one of those sweet little details that I love incorporating into gifts.

There is a beautiful pattern for a lacy looking cowl that is just so easy and quick to knit called the Drop Stitch Cowl. If you are a member of ravelry, you can check it out there – tis free!

Since moving, I’m also making it a fun challenge to find natural beauty while living in the heart of the city. My mother gave me her flower presses about a year ago, and I’ve been pressing leaves like a mad woman, in fact it’s an addiction now.

I find God in creation. Connecting with Him in a meaningful way comes easily when I’m in nature. So being in an urban environment makes me miss, well…trees. And flowers. And just the rustic beauty of dirt and earth.

It is not unusual for me to be floored by leaves like the one above, especially the Lamb’s Ear on the far right, that feels just like – a lamb’s ear. And it grows from the ground. Is that not just completely and utterly amazing? God’s handiwork excites and inspires me like nothing else.

You know that behind the watch’s dial the hidden work of springs and gears occurs, and that the movement of the hands across the dial is caused by that hidden working. So too in terms of God’s creation, behind that creation, a hidden, secret working of God’s power and wisdom is occurring, and that only thereby do things operate as they do. This working is not an unconscious operation of a languidly propelled power, but the working of a power that is being led by three truths that fit together. First, the full and rich clarity of God’s thoughts existed in God from eternity. Second, in creation God has revealed, embedded, and embodied a rich fullness of his thoughts. And third, God created in human beings, as his image-bearers, the capacity to understand, to grasp, to reflect, and to arrange within a totality these thoughts expressed in the creation. Beauty, and beyond that, divine glory is the Spirit radiating through what appears before our eyes. -Abraham Kuyper, Wisdom & Wonder


There is something so heartwarming about knitting for me.

Every year since having babies – when the weather dips down and I’m found wondering what to do in the long winter months, I pull out my yarn and get to clicking away on the needles. I can be found in my bed with blankets piled on top of my lap with a nice fluffy hank of yarn and a quiet house while the babies nap.

I don’t really knit for myself these days, I usually get the failed projects. When I knit, I knit for the people I love and mean alot to me. And with most every stitch, I’m thinking about (warning: sappy stuff here) how special they are and how thankful I am to have them in my life. Of course I hope that they will love it, but I suppose part of it is selfish too. I love doing it, and it really does get me through the horrible winter cold – and then I inevitably lose interest in springtime.
What about you? What gets you through the long winter months?

Auction for Japan

I’m auctioning off this beautiful scarf I made to the ongoing relief efforts in Japan. To bid, leave your bid amount in the comment section below. NOTE: It must be higher than the last bid that was made. If you get outbid, simply leave a comment with a higher bid. Make sense? If you have any questions, you can email me (info at evie-s.com) that way the comments won’t get muddied up with questions.

The scarf is made up of 100% peruvian wool. The yarn alone is worth $26 if you purchased it alone. It’s big and bulky and so soft.

The auction ends March 29th. The highest bidder gets the scarf and the money goes to World Vision through A Beautiful Idea. OK, start bidding!

More Last Minute Knitted Gifts

During a rare date with my husband to Barnes & Noble one evening, I meandered to (where else!) the craft section and pulled out a few knitting books. Most of them were pretty ho-hum, until I picked up More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, written by Purl Soho owner, Joelle Hoverson. I  oohed and aahed over every beautiful page. The projects use colorful yarns and they are fantastic (and easy) patterns that any modern knitter would appreciate. The photos are fresh, vibrant, and really makes you want to knit every single project. So I was extremely excited when the publisher said she would send me a copy.

{ Stay tuned because I will be auctioning off this beautiful scarf to raise money for the victims affected by the earthquake in Japan. }

Cascade Yarns was generous enough to send me a skein of their beautiful Magnum yarn (which the book referenced) and I used it to knit up the Big Lace Scarf. I’ve never knitted a full-length scarf before. I always thought the repetition would deaden me with boredom and I’d never want to knit again. But, the chunky yarn, chunky needles and breezy openwork pattern made this such a quick easy knit.

Can we talk about the yarn? I’ve honestly never bought premium yarn – I just stick with the fairly cheap stuff from the craft store or estate sale finds. But this was a treat. It’s soo soft. So beautiful. Made from 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, it’s very fun to work with. It’s giant! One skein was all I needed to create this big bulky scarf. Isn’t the color so pretty?

A few more projects I’d like to try right away:  Linen stitch bookmark // soft baskets

Sideways fingerless gloves // Seed Stitch bracelet

With 30 different patterns to choose from, this book is a must for any knitters library. It also includes inspiring gift wrapping ideas, finishing techniques, and templates.

My Handmade Christmas

Hi everyone! I want to take a quick moment to say thank you to all the people who read my blog…especially the ones who have stuck with me for several years! I really love reading EVERY SINGLE comment and enjoy hearing from you. So, from the bottom of my big Evie heart, thank you.

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I hope you had a great Christmas. This year was especially fun for me, I wanted to create gifts for my loved ones instead of buying them for two reasons: 1. I love making things 2. Hauling two babies around all creation to find the perfect gift for all on my list did not seem like an option. So as soon as November hit, I started creating – and here is some of the bounty!

Fingerless Mittens // Scarflet with vintage buttons

I knit alot of the gifts this year, it just makes sense because I can do it anywhere, anytime. Ask my husband, I was knitting something almost every night!

This is a pretty knit I-cord piece that can be worn as a necklace or doubled up as a bracelet! Made out of baby alpaca from Peru. I just might have to make one of these for myself!

Cute bow hairclips for some sweet little girls. You know I gotta get the cute frilly stuff out of my system somehow…no girls to knit for in my house…yet.

This was one of my favorites to work on. Some coasters for my brother in law that had various photographs of London, a place he loves. I used this concept to make them.

Did you give/receive handmade this year? I’d love to hear!

Cute Lil’ Knit Baby Booties

OK, this project made me want to have a baby girl SO very badly. Maybe our third kid will pop out female? I sure hope so! Anyway, I knit up some cute little booties for a friend of mine that is having a sweet baby girl this summer. Lionbrand Yarn has the free downloadable pattern, you just have to sign up for an account to get it.

Aren’t they cute? After knitting up the pattern, I used some vintage lace to create some bows and sewed them on the front. Then I hot glued a little rhinestone center in the middle. Now they just need some pudgy baby feet to go in them!

Are you expecting or know someone who is? I have 4 weeks to go in my pregnancy. Things are going great, I just wish I could speed it along a little!

Happy Friday folks!

A Sweet Gift for a Sweet Girl

Remember that cute purse I made for my niece a few months ago? Well, I slightly modified that concept and made a knit pouch for a little girl named Sarah, and I can’t wait to give it to her! Sarah is in second grade at a school back in Tulsa, and I enjoyed visiting her every week to mentor her.

The kids at this school are so precious, but they don’t have a lot (some don’t even have heat in the winter). My church recently did a gift drive for these kids and they all were given a Christmas present to enjoy. I really look forward to taking a trip back home this week to give her this gift and love on her.


To let you know briefly how I made it: I used a knit stitch throughout and sewed some fabric on the underside to line it. Then I put on a snap closure. Then I turned it inside out and hand-sewed the sides. I finished it with a mini fabric flower and a cute heart button.


And of course I’m stuffing it with little goodies!


So friends, as the holiday approaches, be mindful of someone you might be able to give some love and cheer to that really needs it most.

The Cutest Handmade Purse

I promised yesterday I would have something neat to show you! I finished up a handmade purse for my 7-year old niece (it’s her b-day next month) just last night. Oh, it is sooo cute! I’m really proud of it and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.


Basically I just knit a large rectangular shape using a stockinette stitch and then the moss stitch for the pattern on the front. I cut a piece of fabric 1/3 larger than my knit piece and machine sewed it on. Then I just hand sewed the sides up using a blanket stitch. I made a fabric flower and sewed some buttons on to embellish it and then just sewed two pieces of satin ribbon on the inside for the handle and tied the ends in a bow. I used Fray Check for the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

Please pardon the poor photos. It’s been dark and rainy here so I had to take pics in my bathroom.


I really can’t wait to give it to her! She’s sweet and girly, but has really been blossoming in her creativity, so I think she will like it.


It’s also reversible! It looks cute both ways.

Thanks for letting me share. I hope you are having a great Friday so far. Have a lovely weekend!

It’s Fall and I’m Knitting

OK, well the temperature has finally dropped and I got the first official cold chills of the season this morning. Luckily, I have a new knit hat to keep my little cranium warm. I used the Le Slouch pattern from knit and tonic and I love  it! I had never  knit in the round before, and I learned the great technique of using a Magic Loop. I also learned the seed stitch which is knit one, purl one and then always knitting in a purl stitch, and purling in a knit stitch. It really turned out beautifully despite some of my mistakes.

Here I am modeling my new creation!


And here is my baby modeling it. He looks like a very moody artist huh? He’s been a very grumpy, snotty mess since he’s cutting some new teeth in. Poor guy.


On another note, I’m working on a new project I’m very excited about. You’ll be hearing about it in the next month or so, but in case my posting slows, that’s probably why!

Knit Scarflet for Winter

In relation to my last post about knitting, I believe I finally got the knitting bug out of my system. I recently finished up this little scarflet for my little neck, just in time for the temperature to turn 75 degrees! Really. But the weather turned cold again today, so I may just have to break it in when the husband and I go out tonight.

I pretty much worked on this every night before bed for three weeks. Sometimes I would only get a few rows in, (since I have a baby and all) but it was a very simple project.

It’s a nice alternative to a big bulky scarf, and the button detail is really pretty. I got the recipe from Bella Knitting. To get it for yourself, go here.