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Free Prints for You

Hey all, I’m writing to let you know of a collaboration with Stephanie from Henry Happened to create some free art prints to download for the I Am Loved Make-A-Wish Campaign. There are 3 black and white illustrations to choose from and do what you want with. Download Here.


And for those of you interested in some personal news, we have been busy setting up our RV to go on the road. We plan on traveling to Texas for the 2013 Circles Conference in September, then going to Alabama, Tennesse, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois and Ohio and then end up in Missouri for Thanksgiving. I will keep you posted a bit here on our travels, but I have been thinking about starting a separate blog specifically for our RV adventure. What do you think?

Happy Spring – Out of the Slump

Happy Spring everyone! Sorry for the scarceness on posts. I caught the dreadful flu bug late February and as a result of some pretty horrendous coughing, managed to crack a rib. Extreme! But mostly I’ve just been in a slump, creatively, emotionally, spiritually, pretty much everything-ly. I’ve been in those before, where I just don’t find joy in doing hardly ANYTHING, and it doesn’t take too long to get out of it. But this time, it just stuck with me for weeks, and weeks. Ugh. Motherhood was beyond hard, and I’m just being honest here, I did not even feel like getting out of bed on most days. I felt like I was trudging through waist deep sludge.

I prayed, I read, I waited, I tried doing my most favorite things, but nothing seemed to “fix” it. But then warm weather hit, flowers started to bloom, and everything was suddenly green again.

Then he gives the command and it all melts; he breathes on winter-suddenly it’s SpringPsalm 147:18 (MSG)

And again, as He so faithfully does, God pulled me out of my miserable pit and I got my life back – my joy back. I can’t explain it, and I don’t know why it happens, I just know that plenty of Psalms have some pretty rough spots in it, where the Psalmists wonder where God is and why they feel so downcast and alone. So I know I’m not the only one.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:2

Anyway, I’m glad to be “back” and I hope to be posting more regularly again.

I love Spring every year. It’s the newness, the power of life, that just gets me every time. It’s such a miracle. I’ve been photographing our blooming daffodils and tulips – and we have lilies & daisies on the way. It’s amazing how quickly they unfold – I took the above photos in the area of a couple hours. I also did a some sketching of a floral motif, and I’m offering it here as a free download if you like it.

As always, I don’t care what you do with it, you could even use it on your website as a background. Hope you enjoy it.

What do you appreciate most about Spring? Does anyone else have slumps?

Drawing Challenge & Free Download

I’m a full-time mom of two boys, who are now 3 and 1.5. Needless to say, they keep me busy! Yet, I think about art every day. I think about painting every day. I yearn to bust out of bed every morning not to crying kiddos who want to be fed, but to an art easel with a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with the ideas that occupied my dreams.

I know this is just a season. Art is something I’ve learned to incorporate into my very demanding life as a mother – even if it’s just admiring and soaking in the beauty around me. But recently, I’ve just been unable to shake the need to draw. To not just hurriedly doodle an idea or image, but to really sit down and take some time to sketch. So I recently challenged myself after being inspired by a friend to a 30-day drawing challenge. It was just that, a challenge. My house got really messy – chores were neglected – but in those rare moments when a baby was napping or playing peacefully I would get out my sketch book and draw. Some drawings were short and hurried, some I was able to labor over the details. I didn’t make it 30 days straight. I skipped a day or two (or five) in between, but I managed to squeeze out about 20 drawings over a period of a couple months.

I wanted to share some of them with you. One in particular I’m making available as a free download, in case you like it. :) My oldest son does love to paint, and he will sit down with me for a good 20-30 minutes to create art. The colored background in this piece in particular was done with my son’s watercolors, then later that night when the boys were in bed, I quickly sketched the peafowl over it with ink. I like the pop of color. I hope you like it too!

Even more, I hope it inspires you to make time for what’s burning deep inside you – even if it means letting your house go to pot.

Artist Interview + Free Download

I remember seeing these amazing book sculptures by Lisa Occhipinti a while back – they were everywhere in the blogosphere, and I loved them. So I was delighted she emailed me recently to let me know about a new book she authored called, “The Repurposed Library.” In it are 33 projects to transform books into works of art. She is generously offering a project as a free PDF download from her book (located at the end of this post) and she even agreed to answer a few of my questions. I hope you enjoy!

1. What is your background and how did you get started doing book sculpture? I have a degree in fine art and taught college art for many years, while always maintaining studio practices. I am painter first and foremost and have always loved books since I was a child.  My book work began with studying traditional handmade binding techniques at the School of the Musuem of Fine Arts, Boston. I started to merge the processes in my painting with the structure of books by making artists books. This in turn led me to where I am now: transforming books. It is essential to me to maintain the integrity of their forms while venerating their attributes. Where others may see a stain on a cover, I see a story.

2. What is one challenge you’ve overcome as an artist? I have learned not to take criticism too seriously. It is a large task, putting your work, which is highly personal, out into the world and accessible to opinion.  But if you’re going to commit to art professionally you have to detach and continue to believe in what you do.

3. What does art mean to you? Art is a means of communication. The forms and processes are a physical platform which allow me to convey to the outer world what I think and feel is beautiful and important. As I am working art is the inner dialogue I have with myself, where I explore the things I think about. Whatever I make is a bridge between outer and inner. And when someone sees my work and is moved by it that is success.

Thank you Lisa! It was wonderful hearing from you. Readers, you can Download the free PDF here to make your own sewing box out of a book!

Free Art Print Download

Hi you guys! I want to start regularly giving away free art here on the blog. So to kick it off, I thought I’d give you all a free download of an acrylic painting I did the other day. It’s nothing fancy, but if you have a bare wall somewhere that needs a pretty print, maybe this one’s for you!

Download the PDF print here. It’s in 8.5 x 11 size and you can either print it at home, or take it somewhere to get it professionally done.

If you have free art downloads, let me know about them – I’d love to share them here! Also if you end up using this, I’d love to see photos of it hanging in your space.

Baby Shower No. 8

I think that’s how many baby showers I’ve helped plan in the last 5 years. I love baby showers! There are a few ideas I wanted to share from the most recent one I threw for a friend.

Watercolor BABY sign. It’s easy. Just print out this template I created, cut out the letters, trace them onto watercolor paper. Paint your traced letters with watercolors. Doesn’t have to expensive paint, I just used my 2-year olds! Cut them in circles and hang onto ribbon. It’s pretty for the shower, but it’s also a great keepsake for the mom to take home!

Paint Splat backdrop. This was fun just for some added color and festivity. I took a roll of white kraft paper, hung it up and just went crazy splattering it with my cheapo watercolor paints outside.

This would be a fun activity with the littles too.

Invitation. I’m offering this as a free download if you’d like to use it! Just free for personal use, no selling please. :)

Free Download: Baby Shower Invitation

Remember that colorful baby shower I threw a friend last year? Well I decided to offer the invitation I designed as a free download for you to use!

Download the editable PDF right here.

Give Thanks – Free Download

Often times when we are going through a high point in life, it almost passes us by unnoticed. Everything is going just right, life seems perfect. Then, somewhere at the highest peak of the mountain, something happens.  It could be a death of a friend or loved one. A shattered marriage. Maybe a job that fell through. Something that sends you plummeting down right into a deep, dark valley. It’s in this low point of life, we forget about the mountain we were just on, and the good things God did for us back there. Remembering the good things keeps us grateful – no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in. Remembering God’s blessings gives us hope – that we won’t be in a valley forever.

I want to always take into account the wonderful things that happen to me and my family. I don’t want to overlook them and take it for granted. Inspired by some friends of mine, I created a “give thanks” list. Something we can keep at the center of our home, and when we encounter even the smallest blessing, we write it down. I have a feeling we will be surprised at the things we might have otherwise failed to notice, and that the list will get quite long. It will be a great record to keep track of the good things, and to be thankful and look back on during rough times.

I’m offering this as a free download, for you to enjoy and do it at home! Just print on 8.5 x 11 paper and post it on your fridge or other prominent place.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you if you implement it. The great thing about this list is you can save iit when you fill it up and just print out another!

Download the PDF

1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV
give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Free Download: Baby Flash Cards

Here is a little project I did over the weekend. I was inspired by an infomercial advertising a DVD set that could teach your baby to read (yes, I got sucked in). Instead of paying $200 for the videos, I just decided to copy what they had done. Using objects that were familiar around my house, I took photographs and made flash cards that had the corresponding word. I show my baby the word first, then I flip out the picture.

free baby flash cards

Be inspired to make your own, or you can download these free flash cards that I created. In my set I also have mommy, daddy, foot, and hand. Some others I plan to add are pictures of his grandparents. Soon I will be making a set of cards for shapes and colors. You really could do a lot with them!

Here are some instructions:

The download is in 5×7 format, and you can print out each page and cut around the lines. You can either separate the cards like I did and attach them with a brad or an eyelet. OR you can cut around both the cards and just fold them in half.

Mommies, let me know if this helps you, I would love to hear about it!

Father’s Day Gift and Free Download

It’s been awhile since I’ve offered a free download, so hopefully this one will make up for it! This is a free download for a card and a jar label for Father’s Day. This should give you plenty of time to do it since it’s still a couple weeks away.

fathers day download

All you need are the following supplies:

  • Glass Jar (I just save my salsa, pasta sauce, etc jars when they are empty and repurpose them)
  • Cardstock
  • Tape or glue and scissors
  • Fabric
  • Raffia or ribbon
  • Button or other embellishment
  • Homemade BBQ sauce (Here is a great recipe.)

Just print out this PDF on cardstock and cut out the label and card. For the label, you can use tape or glue to adhere it to the glass jar. I then filled it with yummy sauce and put the lid on top. I covered the lid with some fabric I had on hand then tied it with raffia and added a button as embellishment. That’s it!

To see a full-size photo, go here.