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DIY Steel & Ombre Ring

Hey everyone! I have a quick tutorial up over at For the Makers today on how to make a ring from dark annealed steel wire from the hardware store (3!) and embroidery thread. The thread I used was leftover ombre floss from the January box, but you can use any color that you have lying around. Cute and simple.

DIY Wood Jewelry Holder

I love junk wood. Every month my neighborhood has big trash day, and I’m always shocked at the huge heaps of junk that make it out to the curb. My mother is the one who taught me to dumpster dive. I have no shame – I find many treasures from these piles. Out of the monstrous heaps of discarded wood, there is usually one or two pieces that (to me) are beautiful in it’s aged and desecrated state. This piece was just perfect for making a little necklace holder. So I rescued it and here is how it turned out.

Months ago when I was having some fun with dimensional paint for the Martha Stewart craft article, I experimented with a dot stippling method that could make some interesting designs. So I took that idea and tried it freehand on the wood in a diamond pattern and loved the results.

So all you need for this project is a an old piece of wood, 3-dimensional paint, and some hooks to screw into your wood, and a little elbow grease to screw them in. And whatever hardware on the back you want to use for hanging. Very simple and very inexpensive – my favorite combination.


It’s a Great Day For…

It’s a cool rainy day here, one that calls for some indoor cozy activities – like embroidery.

(Pattern from the September For the Makers box. Download your own for free, here.)

Also, with the weather change, it seems to have brought out some big spiders around our house. This monstrosity was right outside our backdoor – so glad I saw it before it plastered me in the face. But it sure was beautiful.

Is the weather changing where you are?

Consider the Birds

The birds and lilies either oil or spin, yet both are fed and clothed and receive their daily portion without being anxious for them. They need earthly goods only for their daily sustenance, and they do not lay up a store for the future. This is the way they glorify their Creator, not by their industry, toil or care, but by a daily unquestioning acceptance of his gifts.

-Bonhoeffer (The Cost of Discipleship)

I picked up this Blue Jay feather the other day. You can ask my husband, I regularly pick up random things that I find beautiful on walks and outings and put them in equally random places. Unfortunately my “treasures” often get quite mistaken for trash – so this find I carefully tucked away on my art desk with the ideal of doing something special with it.

So I decided to give it center stage in a $1 wooden frame I found at a thrift store. Using a single stitch to hold the feather on a piece of watercolor paper, it was complete. I painted with acrylic paint over the photo/canvas that rested within the vintage frame and I have a reminder of God’s perfect provision. I love that the Lord uses nature and beauty to give us glimpses of His character. And I also love that some of my favorite things around my home, are the simplest.

Guest Post: DIY Earrings from Paint

I’m excited to share with you all my guest post for Martha Stewart crafts blog today! It’s one of the simplest DIY’s – making your own smattering of earrings in different colors, all from puff paint.

If you are intimidated about molding clay into those perfect dome shapes, this is the project for you. The paint does all the work for you without molds or hand shaping.

For the full how-to, go to the Martha Stewart Crafts blog. Thanks Laura for having me!



For the Makers April Box

Every 30 days I get a new treasure box of beautiful craft items from For the Makers. The April box is probably my favorite so far, they really just keep getting better and better. In one afternoon I made 3 out of the 4 projects and I love every piece.

There are several other craft subscriptions out there, but FTM takes the cake in my opinion for having the cutest projects, great photography and tutorials.

I’m still doing the illustration work for their in-box images of the projects, and April’s were infused with jewel tone watercolor.

Pen and watercolor Illustrations by evie s. for For the Makers


For $29 a month you can have a craft party delivered straight to your door too – and get to create fun projects like the Pythagorean Pouch and the Manifold Necklace. Check them out!


Rubber Band Jewelry

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know I love making things from everyday items. (Like my all time most popular post, earrings from paperclips.) Slightly more mundane than the paperclip, in my opinion, would be the rubber band. Surprisingly even this can be turned into something beautiful.

It’s really simple. Using #84 rubber bands (which are the widest variety I could find), you can make simple and awesome pieces of jewelry that no one would ever think were formerly a mere office supply. You can get them at Staples – a bag of 45 bands for 3 bucks. Unfortunately they only come in beige, but I found that you can paint them with acrylic craft paint to get more interesting color. For the pieces above, just snip rubber bands into squares and thread them on your necklace cord or wire for the earrings.

You can bunch them together in a lot of ways to get a variety of different shapes.

For these, all you do is arrange the rubber band formation the way you want and pierce it with a large sewing needle through all layers. Then take a piece of jewelry wire and thread it through the holes. All these above could be strung on a chain or cord to create a necklace.

If you try this project, please let me know! I would love to see how yours turn out. Have fun!


Wearable Art from Pasta

OK, before you laugh, let me just say that I waited and waited to post this because I vascillated back and forth between whether it was really really dumb or really cool. Then, I saw this post about Dolce & Gabbana using bowtie pasta for earrings on the runway, and well, that was all the encouragement I needed! If D & G can do it, then so can I. :) I give you, Chevron from pasta…

Who knew that penne pasta was the perfect shape for making chevron patterns? Now, I experimented with different necklace bases – I used jersey fabric pretty successfully, but I settled on a knit i-cord for the strap, which let me control much better how they hang. I’m sure if used an actual necklace chain, you could also get pretty good results.

Simply paint the pasta with acrylic craft paint and string onto whatever you’d like to use as your necklace strap. If you have four rows like the photo above, you will need four lengths of fabric/chain/i-cord to attach onto the necklace base.

Large ditaloni pasta makes for great bracelet beads. Just string a few painted pieces of pasta on a strip of jersey and tie around your wrist.

When I was having doubts about using pasta, I tried to recreate the shape using fabric, stiffened with glue and rolled into a bead. Then I cut the bead at an angle to achieve the same look. I’ll probably explore fabric beads a little more, it was a fun experiment.

So what do you all think? Is this something you’ll try?

Illustrations: For the Makers

When Janet asked me a couple weeks ago to do some project illustrations for the December box of For the Makers, I jumped with excitement at the chance. I absolutely love the concept that her and Katie have come up with – a box of goodies shipped right to your door to get all crafty with. The projects and tutorials they provide are cute and stylish. Getting the box each month has been so fun – it’s like opening a little box of treasures.

Creating the illustrations was great. I can’t wait to do it next month! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that here. They make a great gift for the creative person in your life.

Photo courtesy of For the Makers

For the Makers

Yesterday I mentioned that I got a box in the mail filled to the brim with all kinds of crafty things from For the Makers. For the Makers combines DIY tutorials with hand-selected materials delivered to your door so you can discover new projects and create and share your projects with others.

Here is what I got:

I can’t wait to create with this stuff!

Simply sign up for $29 and every month you’ll receive supplies for four to six projects. They source the coolest materials and deliver them straight to your door, letting you skip straight to the fun part. They’ll walk you through each project with a fun how-to on their website but they also encourage you to explore the creative potential in each package.

The most exciting part is that once you make something, whether it’s one of their projects, or your own, you’ll be able to post it and share it with friends and fellow Makers.

This would make a great gift for the creative person in your life!