I love winter and I hate it. Being cold is just so miserable, yet I love the cool wintery hue that the world takes on, and especially when it snows – the stillness and wonder that thickens the air and seems to freeze time itself.

I’ve been knitting up some cozy gifts for loved ones. I tried my hand at making these little canvas tags that have thoughtful words stamped on them and sewing them straight on – one of those sweet little details that I love incorporating into gifts.

There is a beautiful pattern for a lacy looking cowl that is just so easy and quick to knit called the Drop Stitch Cowl. If you are a member of ravelry, you can check it out there – tis free!

Since moving, I’m also making it a fun challenge to find natural beauty while living in the heart of the city. My mother gave me her flower presses about a year ago, and I’ve been pressing leaves like a mad woman, in fact it’s an addiction now.

I find God in creation. Connecting with Him in a meaningful way comes easily when I’m in nature. So being in an urban environment makes me miss, well…trees. And flowers. And just the rustic beauty of dirt and earth.

It is not unusual for me to be floored by leaves like the one above, especially the Lamb’s Ear on the far right, that feels just like – a lamb’s ear. And it grows from the ground. Is that not just completely and utterly amazing? God’s handiwork excites and inspires me like nothing else.

You know that behind the watch’s dial the hidden work of springs and gears occurs, and that the movement of the hands across the dial is caused by that hidden working. So too in terms of God’s creation, behind that creation, a hidden, secret working of God’s power and wisdom is occurring, and that only thereby do things operate as they do. This working is not an unconscious operation of a languidly propelled power, but the working of a power that is being led by three truths that fit together. First, the full and rich clarity of God’s thoughts existed in God from eternity. Second, in creation God has revealed, embedded, and embodied a rich fullness of his thoughts. And third, God created in human beings, as his image-bearers, the capacity to understand, to grasp, to reflect, and to arrange within a totality these thoughts expressed in the creation. Beauty, and beyond that, divine glory is the Spirit radiating through what appears before our eyes. -Abraham Kuyper, Wisdom & Wonder