I recently came across a guy named¬†Sam Mahlstadt’s blog, then his book,¬†Creative Theology ($10 for the eBook). The book is wonderful, and it was a huge breath of life-giving air for me to read someone that is passionate about the gift of creativity, and our role in creation.

A response to beauty is a response to the Artist.
A response to creation is a response to the Creator.

The big idea is that when we encounter intense beauty, even though we know and understand that we cannot adequately describe what we feel, we have to proclaim what we see and feel because it is the only way to respond. – Sam Mahlstadt

Following the breadcrumbs, I then came across this video of storyteller, Ian Cron talking about beauty. In it, he quotes John Paul II –

Great art makes us nostalgic for God.

Yes. And I would say that beauty makes me nostalgic for God. This is how I discover God. I see Him in his Word – but I also see Him in people, when I hear a beautiful choir, or when I’m exploring the world around me. And even when viewing the tiniest bits of earth that seem to be teeming with life (because they are).


But I love what he says when asked, “What is breaking your heart?”

Sometimes beauty breaks my heart. I’ve had moments in the presence of beautiful music or beautiful dance or beautiful poetry where, like an egg, I’m just cracked and poured out. I’m just brought to silence and can weep because it makes me nostalgic for God. That universal desire for redemption. And when you touch that place in the human heart – that’s heartbreaking. In the best sense of the word. So not all heartbreak is bad. Some of it is just exquisite – exquisitely, beautiful pain. -Ian Cron


Please, watch the video. It’s worth the 5 minutes.

Do you feel the same way?