Oklahoma has some pretty cool bloggers. Last fall one of them decided to start getting them all together at one event, and three meetups later, the event has grown into a pretty awesome thing.

This time it was served up at The Makeup Bar, and the hostesses there were so generous and accommodating.  I got to go with a new friend of mine, Elle who writes Memories of a Wannabe Gypsy – she has a wonderful blog, and such an inspiring spirit – love her!

I got a free brow wax and smokey eye makeup done by Kim, who was so sweet and made me feel pretty glamorous and pampered!  There was a mixologist from Deep Fork Grill serving up some great drinks. I tried the peach belini, and she even took the time to show me how to make it – too bad my mommy brain doesn’t remember. Not only that, they had some yummy food for us to enjoy and the cutest little cupcakes from Green Goodies.

I got to meet my favorite mommy blogger, Emery – she’s a fantastic and witty writer and everything she writes about I just nod in agreement, yes, yes, YES! My friends, Erin and Rachel were there from Pippin & Pearl and Pencil Shavings, both great ladies and wonderful artists. Also, Kelly Beall from Design Crush who is an AWESOME blogger – you may remember that I met her at a charity project a while back. Kathleen was there too, whom I met at the last meetup, and we were in awe over her tallness and our shortness. Ha! It was fun meeting new people too, although I didn’t get to meet everyone – maybe next time! Thanks everyone for such a wonderful event!

If you want to check out some okie bloggers for yourself, here is a list of everyone who was there:

Danielle from www.elleinadspir.com // Susan from www.workingcloset.com // Shana from www.gorillabuns.typepad.com // Melissa from www.pineapplelilyblog.com // Alison from www.shopcrawlr.com // Caroline from www.iamagreedygirl.com // Allison from www.feedingmytemple.com // Allyson from www.allysoninwonderland.com // Brigette from www.settlingwest.com // Sally from www.sallyspins.com // Rita from www.meandmyshortloffs.blogspot.com // Brandy from www.bellavitajewelry.blogspot.com // Stephanie from www.stephaniebice.com // Marek from www.mareksmusings.com // Anna from www.andeverythingniceblog.com // Melissa from www.sassafrass2point0.blogspot.com // Rachael from www.rachaelreally.com // Nikki from www.bradleybirth.com // Kara Kae from www.themomdiggity.com // Laura from www.steenstyle.com // Whitney from www.whitneykolb.com // Katie from  www.dishinanddishes.com

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All photos by Rex Barrett of Glass Eye Studios. To see more, go here.