There is something so heartwarming about knitting for me.

Every year since having babies – when the weather dips down and I’m found wondering what to do in the long winter months, I pull out my yarn and get to clicking away on the needles. I can be found in my bed with blankets piled on top of my lap with a nice fluffy hank of yarn and a quiet house while the babies nap.

I don’t really knit for myself these days, I usually get the failed projects. When I knit, I knit for the people I love and mean alot to me. And with most every stitch, I’m thinking about (warning: sappy stuff here) how special they are and how thankful I am to have them in my life. Of course I hope that they will love it, but I suppose part of it is selfish too. I love doing it, and it really does get me through the horrible winter cold – and then I inevitably lose interest in springtime.
What about you? What gets you through the long winter months?