Monthly Archives: October 2011

DIY Dramatic Photo Curtain

We recently held a little party for my son who turned three. It was simple and beautiful, with the centerpiece being 75 of my favorite photos from his life. I wanted to share the idea with you, because it was so easy and inexpensive but added so much meaning.

All you need is a stapler and photos. I used 4×6 photos developed from Walgreens at $0.10 each – which made the grand total of this dramatic photo wall a mere $7.50. I applied the same black and white filter on all of them to achieve a uniform look.

All you do is staple them together length-wise and hang as many as you want. Stapling them holds up really well, surprisingly. I plan on snipping off the top and bottom of the photos and reusing them in his memory book.

Imagine how amazing this idea would be using hundreds and hundreds of photos!

Autumn Giveaway

Autumn is in full swing now. I’ve packed up my summer clothes and unloaded my big bulky sweaters from hiding. Maybe it was too soon though – we are still experiencing 70-80 degree temps. Everything is lush and green like it’s spring time again. You won’t hear me complaining, I love warm weather. I think a part of me goes into hibernation when it gets cold.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway to celebrate the season. Earlier this month I got an email from Helen from Frances + Francis. She designs the perfect elemental Autumnal card to send your greetings. She’s agreed to giveaway some cards to our winner.

You will also receive these simple but beautiful leather bangles in Autumn colors from the Adopt Shoppe.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment describing what you love most about the fall season. A winner will be randomly selected one week from now, on Tuesday, November 1st.

AND, I promise I will be back soon with some brand new DIY posts. Happy Autumn!