Well this is the third big design iteration of this blog. I’ve been foregoing blogging for a couple weeks so I can work on this, and it feels nice to have it finished. My main reason for an update was wanting a fresh clean look and also wanted it to reflect my current personal tastes. This fits me much better now.

If you’ll let me get a bit geeky on you, I designed what I wanted my blog to look like in Photoshop and then I searched for a bare bones theme that I could modify to fit my design. I ended up using the Ari theme from Elma Studio. It’s a great basic theme, very well coded and documented to go in and do your own customization. I also had a lot of fun integrating Google’s Font API. I used Arvo, Raleway with a sprinkling of Goudy.



If you look around and see something that looks a bit wonky, just let me know! I’m terrible about doing in depth testing in all browsers. :)