It’s been a while since I’ve done an AFEO (Art From Everyday Objects) post. It’s not been for lack of ideas. It’s been for lack of time. Indeed, this particular idea took up most of my spare night minutes for two weeks. It was confirmed in my mind that I have a hard time with long, drawn out projects…especially in this stage of my life. I like projects to be quick and dirty so I can have the immediate gratification of getting something done. So, this took a little longer than I’d like, and it wasn’t the monstrosity that I originally envisioned. But for this post, it will do. :)

I had this idea to make chains from cut up plastic bags. You really only need two materials and one supply – plastic bags (I recycled my Target grocery bags), a branch or piece of wood and a hot glue gun. You also may need a martyr mindset, simply because you are bound to get burnt a few times by the hot glue that melts thru the plastic. Sorry.

I think I used about 7 grocery bags for the one you see above. This project is virtually cost-free, it’s just a bit time consuming and boring. Here is how to do it.

The size of the strips don’t have to be exact, just ballpark it. And another note, when you are hot glueing the ends together, do a rolling motion with your fingers to meld the ends together really well.

So, there you go friends! Let me know if you make it or evolve the idea into something else. And as always, Please Steal My Ideas.