I have an excellent interview for you today with an artist I’ve admired ever since I saw Joy post about her awhile back. She’s amazing, and I hope you enjoy a glimpse into her artistry.

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The Book Vase

1. Please tell us about yourself.
I am an artist and a designer from Hong Kong.

The Golden Set

2. What challenges have you overcome as an artist?
Being an artist in Hong Kong is a very difficult thing. Because Hong Kong has a limited market for art. That was why I started my paper product brand two years ago. I turned my artworks and drawings into products, which I can sustain my living by selling them, and at the same time I can still draw and create.

3. I love your tiny papercuts. Was there anything in particular that inspired you to do them?
At first, i was drawing very tiny lines and shapes. After that i started to think, if using the method of papercutting, the shapes will be more solid and sharp. So, I made drafts and did some test for it. I used very normal type of found color paper. Some colors of the paper is quite unusual to me and this somehow inspired me about the color combination.

snow scenes I and II // acrylic on canvas

4. It’s interesting seeing your work evolve…where do you feel like your art is headed?
I actually discovered that, I am being more and more interested in craftmanships. I started to like doing one small thing with a lot of steps. In the production process, I enjoy seeking the “correct” method on each step. I treasure traditional craftmanships and I would like to do something contemporary while taking inspiration from these craftmanships.

Handpainted Handkercheifs

5. You are such a diverse artist – block printing, painting, photography, book binding to your latest work of creating geometric envelopes with metallic paper. Do you feel that you are journeying to find your niche or do you embrace many artforms so you won’t get bored?

You are right. I cannot define if I am really trying to find a suitable media for myself, or just I am not satisfied in only one media. I think, in this moment, I am still open to every media while ideally, I am hoping all things created by me will be able to reflect my personal aesthetics.

6. Obviously you draw lots of inspiration from nature and animals in your work. What are other sources of inspiration for you?

Nature and animals.

The Mountain Scene II // reduction blockprint on xuan paper

7. Lastly, tell us something random or quirky about yourself!

I am starting to become excited because my hair is getting longer. I can always plait my hair before going out!

Thank you Furze!!