First of all, I’ve got to say I’m just floored by all the amazingly kind comments from my last blog post. You guys inspire me! Thank you. I was just shaking my head reading them just because I couldn’t believe how kind they were. You made my month year.

So on to the good stuff. This shape has been reappearing alot in my designs lately and I’ve been slowly working on things that incorporate it. So here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own and run with it! You can really do so much with it. Below I made the larger one with paper in 1″ size circles. The tiny one is made with hole-punched dots. If you make the flower shape large enough, it would also make great paper coasters if you coat it with mod podge.

Here’s how to make em.

Loved this excerpt from one of Robert Frost’s poems. Seemed to fit the photo so well. But isn’t it lovely! Let me show you what else you can do with it!

Hanging Decor.
How to make it: this is a large dimensional piece I made by interlocking two flower shapes together (see below photo for example on how to do this). They’d be great for party decorations!

A necklace.
How to make it: Use fabric stiffener (make sure you coat both sides of the fabric to make it really stiff) to stiffen the fabric so you can punch through it with a craft punch. I used a 1″ craft punch. Then I created a second flower (no stiffener) and hot glued it on top of my stiffened flower. You can see I just used some hemp cord to make a necklace out of it. But you could also use a pretty chain. These would also make beautiful earrings!

How to make it: See above tutorial on how to make the large flower. The tiny center is made of hole punched dots. Just hot glue or sew onto a hair clip or bobby pin. This would also make a great pin for your coat!

Whew! Sorry that was so lengthy. Hope you enjoyed it though. Happy creating!