Our last interview in the series is with Ashley Bugg, a beautiful mom and talented photographer who also has an etsy shop filled with hand crafted goods that I just LOVE! I hope you all have enjoyed this series and learned a few things from these amazing women. Happy Mother’s Day!

1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a wife of almost 8 years, a mother to 3, a daughter, sister, Auntie to 10 nieces and nephews and totally blessed by amazing friends. I married my High School sweetheart and not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t get all a flutter for him…I often have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I actually get to live out my dream with my husband, Jon, with our full time photography business. Something that I thought was such a distant and far away dream has become so real, so quickly.

Photographs by Ashley

Jon and I also serve in our church together in the Jr. High ministry and I run the main service creative production meetings, with Jon an active member of that team. I love that we are able to be creative together and I’m so thankful for the way that God blessed me with a man that is willing to lead us, especially when it involves us being creative and brainstorming crazy ideas and new concepts together. Jon lets me dream big, but keeps me grounded. I stretch myself far too thin. But I can’t bear to give up any aspect of our busy-ness. I love to make things, am totally energized by others and love when I can help others tap into their creativity – especially when they think they don’t have it. I love, LOVE a good cookie, hold my breath during underwater scenes in movies, am dying to start my own garden, and totally heart thrifting and yard sales. (much thanks to my grandparents for taking me out almost every Saturday morning when I was little..)

Black Purse with Picnic Blooms // Romantic Eclectic Flower Necklace

2. What keeps you inspired and motivated to create while still being a mom?
The fact that Jon is so crazy supportive of all my crazy dreams is what keeps me the most inspired. Making things for other people and seeing the joy they get from a handmade gift brings me crazy amounts of joy. When people tell me that they can “feel” then emotion in the images I take makes my heart sing. Those little things keep me going and help me feel motivated to create.

3. You are married with 3 lovely children, a lovely etsy shop, a blog, AND a photography
. How in the world do you do it all?

I’m kind of not sure. I’m constantly striving for balance and would love to say that I have it all together, but most often something has to give. Some weeks I get behind on emails. Others I sit on a project for months simply because I don’t have the time to do it. I always strive to put my family first, but unfortunately sometimes even they have to take a brief, back seat if I have a pressing deadline. But again, I’m blessed with an insanely supportive husband and three great kids that get what we do and what it takes to get it done.

Photographs by Ashley

4. How are you incorporating creativity into everyday life with your kids?
This is something that I’m working on being more intentional about. I just bought Amanda Blake Soule’s “The Creative Family” and “The Handmade Home” and am totally stoked to incorporate some of her principles and ideas into our family. Right now I simply encourage them to be creative and develop their own styles. Sometimes that comes in form of painting or drawing; sometimes simply in the way they dress. We help them set goals – we have started helping them write Birthday Lists (ie: 8 things to do before I turn 9) to help them learn to be intentional with what they want to do and make small, attainable goals that help them learn the gratification that comes from completing something they set out to do. Something that came from their hearts.

Painting Teepees

5. Any advice for young moms who want to pursue what they love while raising kids?
Try to get your husband on board. Ask him to be involved – I’ve found that if Jon is emotionally invested in a project, he is far more energized about it, even if that means that I don’t touch laundry for two months and he has to pick up that slack. Let your kids help you with little tasks like packaging, sorting, and even seeking their opinion when you need one other than your own. Our kids love to feel like they’re a part of our business and you would be amazed at how they light up when I take the advice they gave (“Which picture do you think is better, this one or this one?” “Do you like this color combo?” Should I use lace or ribbon here?”). Even something as simple as which color button to use on a project helps them to feel involved and important, which in turn helps them to be supportive and understanding when I have a deadline that I have to meet…

Photographs by Ashley

6. What are your mother’s day wishes?
Really, to just spend the weekend with the family is what my heart is craving. I have discovered that I have to be super intentional about “scheduling” in family time. I know it sounds kind of horrible, but it helps me to see the balance when it’s written in my calendar. And then there’s always the occasional, impromptu two hour lunch break that helps me feel rejuvenated and balanced. I know it sounds totally cheesy, but really, I have every Mother’s Day wish I could ever want. I’m blessed with an amazing husband and three fabulous children. My life feels so complete. As for a frivolous wish, I’m really itching for a great pair of slouchy cowgirl boots. Oh, and brown gladiators. Yes. That would be lovely.


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