Hi dear readers! I’ve got a couple easy DIY projects to share with you, a necklace and a bracelet! I don’t have step by step tutorials, so if you have any questions just ask.

Ruffle Necklace

A cute and easy way to add some interest to a boring outfit. Note to self: you are your own model, at least put on some makeup!

You need: A long piece of fabric and a necklace chain, needle and thread.

Cut a piece of fabric, sew long edges together and pull inside out create to a fabric tube (this step can be skipped if you don’t mind raw edges). Next, sew a gathering stitch along the middle and then just use a needle and thread to sew it to your necklace chain.

Baubly Bracelet

Is baubly a word? I don’t think so, but this bracelet reminds me of…baubles.

My hand looks freakishly large and manly here. Ah!!

You need: a rectangular piece of fabric and those craft pom poms you’re never quite sure what to do with. Cover your pom poms with the fabric, tying each ball in a knot with embroidery floss. Once done, you can hot glue your baubly (bubbly?) piece of fabric to some jersey or felt the size of your wrist and finish it with a button closure.

Yay! Now you have two really inexpensive, one of a kind accessories! Sweet.