Our first artist interview of the new year is with the always inspiring Danni, of Oh, Hello Friend. Hers is one of my favorite blog reads and she is so talented in the areas of art, design, photography and packaging with a wonderful eye for detail. Make sure you visit her etsy shop too!

1. Tell us about yourself.
My name is Danni and I love to design and blog! I am recently engaged and have now entered into the world of WEDDING PLANNING! yikes! I really love traveling, designing, being creative, and would love to work at an orphanage someday.

Proposal Story and Bridesmaids Projects

2. What do you do to stay inspired and motivated to create?
When I need inspiration, I sometimes take a couple hours and go read magazines at Borders. Even though the magazine industry seems to be fading with ever-growing blogs, there is still something really nice about sitting and looking through something you can hold and flip through. I will sometimes bring a notebook and sketch down ideas or inspiration from the magazines. It’s of course inspiring to check out all my favorite blogs and look for new projects or ideas.

Favorite Things

3. What are some other passions you have besides art and design?
Well, like I said in #1, I really do love to travel! I’ve been to a few different countries and it is really the best to get out and explore the world beyond what I am just used to from my day to day. I  also really love going to thrift stores and flea markets – it’s fun to be able to discover a great find or ‘treasure’ and collect things. (Although my fiancee would say I collect too many things and don’t need anything else, hehe.)

lovely vintage hair pin set and keep calm and carry on pocket mirror

4. Give us a glimpse into a normal day in the life of Danni.
A normal day varies from day to day but always consists of blogging. Other things I’ll work on is make new jewelry for my etsy shop, package whatever etsy orders I have, run errands, and work on whatever needs to be done for the day. When I am preparing for a craft show though: that looks a lot different. My apartment becomes a mess and looks like a hurricane hit it. There are supplies everywhere as I frantically am rushing to get enough stuff made for the show. hehe, I am definitely not by any means a ‘neat’ worker.

Lovely Packaging

5. I love your 101 in 1001 goals list. Are there any that you are working on right now?
Thank you! I was really inspired to make a list after seeing my friend make one. Life is a little busy right now, I’d say the only thing I am really working on at this point is planning the wedding. I really want to do so much more in the art and business section (like update my portfolio and start a new shop) but I just don’t have the time, maybe in 2011!

Unique craft show, Los Angeles

6. Lastly, tell us something random or quirky about yourself!
Random.. hm. I don’t like cheese! and quirky..sometimes when it rains (which it doesn’t often rain in orange county) I’ll just go sit out in my car with a good book and the back hatch open so I can look out into it and read in the rain. I love the rain.

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Thank you Danni! You are a doll and so talented and we wish you all the best in your upcoming wedding!

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