I decided to share a cute little sewing project I finished the other day. On a whim I decided I wanted a new cardigan with a spring feel, you know, because of the sub-zero temperatures lately. Ha! Anyway, I’m dreaming of Spring and what other color to incorporate than yellow, right? So I took a sweater that I don’t really wear anymore and decided to make it into a cardigan.


I sliced up the front to create an opening. Then I cut a piece of yellow fabric, folded it in half and sewed the raw edge (because I don’t like fraying) and did a gathering stitch by hand to create a ruffle. My sewing machine was on the fritz, otherwise I just would have done it that way. I pinned my ruffle in place and used vintage bias tape to finish both edges and sewed everything down. A vintage button finishes the piece.


I decided to just do one button, so it will be more versatile for my burgeoning belly (17 weeks now, yay!). I love the yellow hues, it makes me so happy! And yes, that yellow is as electric as it looks in the photos. *Smile*

Anyone else ready for Spring?