Happy 2010 everyone! I trust you had a nice break and are raring to go for another year, and…another decade!

I’ve been experimenting with some projects made of felt that I thought I’d quickly share. For some reason I’ve been on a kick of making things for myself which for some reason, I rarely do. Maybe it’s because I truly enjoy creating more when it’s for someone else. But, for now I’ve been enjoying the fruits of my own labor!

Part of my husband and I’s Christmas gifts to each other were brand new phones. Mine is so stinking new on the market, they don’t have many options in the way of cases or protection. So I made my own! I think it turned out very cute, and now my phone is nice and cozy.


I also experimented with a little felt brooch. It’s not marvelous, but it’s cute enough. Experimentation leads to innovation, right?


Tomorrow be on the lookout for my “Best Of” post where I highlight the best posts from last year. Stay tuned!