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Happy Weekend

Here is my wish for you…


Have a happy weekend! Laugh, play, and enjoy life. See you all next week!
(This is me and the joy of my heart, my baby at 9 months old.)

Clearance on Note Cards – $1 Singles $5 Sets

I’m clearing out my note card inventory and slashing the prices on all my card sets and singles. All single cards are now $1 (was $3) and all sets including letterpress are now $5 (was $12-16).


So go ahead, shop your heart out!

Art by Lyndie Dourthe

I am so inspired by the creations of French artist, Lyndie Dourthe. Amazing!


Her work is inspired by the 18th century’s curiosity cabinet and her passion for nature, animals, flowers, and botany.

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

I’m really into ruffles lately. And apparently everyone else is too! Take a look at these great tutorials and ruffly creations from around the web.

From left to right:

Jersey Ruffle Refashion // Ruffle Necklace // DIY Ruffly Belt // Ruffle top by Lirola


Paper Art by feanne

These images of feanne’s recycled paper art, “Circles of Spring” are so beautiful. Can you tell that I’m holding on to summer? Fall is making yet another comeback very soon and that means…cold weather. Nippy breezes. I need to live in a climate that feels like spring all year round.


Handmade Baby Gifts

Last week I worked on these handmade baby gifts for a friend of mine and wanted to share the results. I’ve been saving this amazing vintage fabric for something special, and this was the perfect occasion.


The onesies are appliqued with a heart and a “P” initial, and I also made a little stuffed butterfly.


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Vintage Trimmings and Books

My husband has a secret place here in town for getting great books for a dollar or less. I picked up 2 beautiful vintage books for $0.25 each. I am a sucker for a beautifully designed cover or a book with great illustrations. Anyway, this little secluded place is primarily a book sale but they had a random bag of vintage trim and ribbon for a quarter, so I picked that up too.


Even if I was a millionaire, I think I would still enjoy the thrill of bargain shopping and finding beautiful vintage treasures at obscure places. What are some great finds you’ve discovered recently?


DIY Monogram Tin Can

In my quest to repurpose all the tin cans lying around my house, I recently made this monogrammed creation.


Using some vintage paper, I wrapped the can and then used a print out of an E as my guide. I used rubber bands to hold my template around the can and began pounding holes around the outside of the letter with a hammer and nail. I thought the letter would stand out better if I used embroidery thread and weaved it in and out of the holes. This is now on my craft desk collecting odds and ends and looking pretty.


Art for Huruma: On Sale Now

Remember the Art for Huruma project mentioned in my last artist interview with Promise? Well, the art is done and tees ($25) and 18×24 prints ($18) are available for purchase online.  From your purchase, $15 from every tee and $12 from every print will be donated to the Huruma Children’s Home in Africa.


If you are looking for some way to give a kid across the world a little help and hope, this is a great one!

Vintage Baby Clothes from Belle Heir

I couldn’t resist posting these adorable vintage clothing pieces by Belle Heir. They are really old…from the 1920’s and 40’s. I would totally wear these if they were larger!

belle heir