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Eye Candy for the Weekend

I woke up this morning to a small buzz on my new ring pillows and several sales on etsy. Style Me Pretty blogged about them and my bunting was highlighted by Eat Drink Chic. (Thanks ladies!) Southern Weddings Magazine asked me to send them a sample, and who knows what that will bring! So I am excited for a great start in the wedding ring pillow business.

On to some inspiration, I love the images from this post on color by decor8. I just love the hue of pinks, melons, black, white and a touch of gold together don’t you?


I’m off to the lake for the weekend. Kind of the last hoorah for my week of birthday merriment. Have a great weekend everyone!

New Ring Pillows in the Store

I just added 3 new handmade wedding ring pillows to my etsy store. I guess I’m on a pink and green kick because all three are on that color way.

On a different note, my birthday was awesome yesterday and I’m having fun reading all your comments on the giveaway post!

Birthday Giveaway: Flower Headband

On this day 27 years ago, I was born into the world. I’m celebrating by doing a blog giveaway with this beautiful handmade flower headband! This one pictured is mine, but I will make you your very own. To enter, just comment letting me know your favorite birthday memory.

birthday giveaway

Comments will be closed one week from now, on September 2nd. Winners will be announced the following day on September 3rd. Good luck!

Now I’m off to eat my birthday treats.

Artist Interview: Elsie of Red Velvet Art

If you haven’t heard of Red Velvet Art, visit the website as soon as possible. It’s dripping with amazing artsy inspiration, and I recently got Elsie, one of the girls behind RVA to answer some questions for a little artist interview. She is such an imaginative and talented artist and I’m happy she took time out of her busy life to do this. It’s a great read for anyone that wants to make a career out of their craft. Here are the questions!


Tell us about yourself.
I am a full time independent artist and designer at the ripe old age of 26. I own an independent art boutique which is an online business with a cute little local shop, as well. I spend time each day painting, blogging, making cute fashion accessories and usually thrifting. My boyfriend shares a studio space with me. He has a recording studio and produces all of his own music as well as writing the most gorgeous string arrangements for other bands. Things I enjoy most in life are coffee breaks, plastic cameras, puppies, vintage dresses and carrot cake muffins.


Treasure Map Print // Still Learning Print

You started RVA 6 years ago, and you’ve done so well! Can you share some of the joys and pains you experienced just starting out?
Rachel and I started Red Velvet Art as a hobby and a way to spend time together. We were making accessories and journals and selling them at music festivals for the first few years. We didn’t have a lot of pressure back then, but our dreams kept getting bigger and we knew that one day we wanted to make Red Velvet Art into something that could inspire young girls. We always talked about having a store, but I honestly never thought it would actually happen until this past year. It’s been a dream.


Photos from Elsie’s flickr stream

The transition of turning a hobby into a full time career is always a painful one. I’ve had to learn to work when I don’t want to and do lots of things that are unnatural to my creative personality (like taxes!). I certainly don’t recommend doing things the way we do to most people. It’s incredibly difficult to function independently. It’s a lifestyle that is full of small sacrifices and work so intense that it can ruin the creative aspect of the work for a lot of people. That said, we’ve really learned how to make things happen. We’ve all become more productive than we ever thought possible and we’ve become the kind of people who do things instead of talking about doing them. I’m very thankful for this season, for the joys and the pains.

I love your brick and mortar shop. Was it difficult transitioning to an actual retail environment?
It was incredibly fun. Doing business online has been a huge part of my career, but there was something really special about putting together a local store that just completed the whole experience for me. It’s super fun to have a shop to decorate and I think it adds a lot of our online ‘world’ as well! :)


Photos from Elsie’s flickr stream

What inspires you?
Clouds, rain, other people who seem to love what they are doing, vintage, other cities, boutiques,, seasons, green and aqua, yellow, photography, skeleton costumes, the sun coming up.

Who are some of your favorite artists and why?
I like artists with a very defined style that seems to carry on to everything they create. Mary Blair, Mark Ryden, Jim Houser and Seonna Hong are a few of my favorites.


Button Headband // Children’s Coloring Book // Pink Bow & Arrow Journal // Green Neck Warmer

Things you are currently collecting:
blue cameras, ghost figurines, milk glass, long neck dinosaur toys and forest animal figurines.

Thanks so much! LOViiiies. elsie


Thank you Elsie! I hope you enjoyed this interview everyone. Happy Tuesday!

Introducing evie s. Weddings + Events

I am super excited to reveal some new products I’ve been working on for weddings and events. This really has been my dream for 5 years to create products like this. Not sure why it’s taken me so long! I’ve opened a new etsy store for this line for two reasons: 1.) To make my products available to a wider audience. 2.) My contract with my shopping cart on expires in the fall so I will be shutting it down.

Right now the shop is stocked with five beautiful handmade ring pillows, glitter monogram cake toppers, and knit bunting. Take a look and let me know what you think!


Golden Brocade Ring Pillow // Lola Ring Pillow


Cross-Stitch Heart Ring Pillow // Silk Bloom Ring Pillow // Old-Fashioned Lace Ring Pillow


Glitter Monogram Cake Toppers // La Petit Knit Bunting

New Products Sneak Peek

I’m really excited about some new handcrafted products I have been working on. Here is a little nibble for you…you’ll have to wait until Monday to get the full meal! Have a great weekend everyone.


Photography by Kup Kup Land

I stumbled recently on Kup Kup Land’s work from this post on designworklife. Her work is just so creative and I loved her photographs so much that I just had to post all of them from this amazing flickr set.


I’ve seen lots of similar work with miniature animals, but the series of photos is what makes these so great. What a cute collection!


Using Stamps for Identity

The concept of using stamps for business cards or other identity is really interesting to me. It really gives a handmade personal look, and if you use your imagination, there really could be some sweet results. I could see mixing up stamp colors, placement, etc. Just look at these examples!

From left to right:

Business cards by cameron moll // cards by King Muck Shanty // cards by mr. keasone // cards by sassen


hairdresser identity by Alexis – Love that you can mix and match to make each one unique// Identity for a wine museum – built a font from wine stains [ Via Graphic Exchange ]


To get your own custom stamp, just send in artwork to Stamp Asylum. I’ve worked with them before and they do a great job turning your original design into your very own stamp.

Vintage Watch Faces

So I won three vintage watch faces from a blog giveaway. They are really cool looking, but I’m at a loss on what to do with them. They are pretty small – about an inch and a half in diameter. Any ideas?

vintage watch faces

Lovely Flower Accessories

I’m loving the products from a new etsy shop, apcollective. Not only are the products great, but the photography is beautiful too!

Plum Flower Hairclip // Feathers and Fabric Hairpiece // Olive Green Flower Hairclip