Here is a little project I did over the weekend. I was inspired by an infomercial advertising a DVD set that could teach your baby to read (yes, I got sucked in). Instead of paying $200 for the videos, I just decided to copy what they had done. Using objects that were familiar around my house, I took photographs and made flash cards that had the corresponding word. I show my baby the word first, then I flip out the picture.

free baby flash cards

Be inspired to make your own, or you can download these free flash cards that I created. In my set I also have mommy, daddy, foot, and hand. Some others I plan to add are pictures of his grandparents. Soon I will be making a set of cards for shapes and colors. You really could do a lot with them!

Here are some instructions:

The download is in 5×7 format, and you can print out each page and cut around the lines. You can either separate the cards like I did and attach them with a brad or an eyelet. OR you can cut around both the cards and just fold them in half.

Mommies, let me know if this helps you, I would love to hear about it!