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Beautiful Family Photos

These family photos by Candice Stringham caught my eye at Black Eiffel this morning. I love all the kids’ colorful clothing and the candid, laid-back nature of the shots. Kind of makes me want to have my own caboodle of kids just so we can do something similar.

Family Photos

To see more photos of this family, go to Design Mom’s website.

Artful Posters by Paul Tebbott

I could stare for hours at these gorgeous posters by Manchester based graphic designer, Paul Tebbott. Well, I don’t have hours to spare, but I’m sure I’ll be coming back to his portfolio again.

Paul Tebbott Designs

Check out more of his work on flickr.

[ Via Creattica ]

DIY Coaster Craft

I am a recovering pack rat. There are many things I keep, thinking, “someday I’ll do something with that.” Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. When my husband picked up these nice leather coasters that a local housing complex was using as a promotional giveaway, I tucked them away in my craft room with the intention of repurposing them. And that I did.

DIY Coasters

All you need for this craft are some coasters to repurpose, paper, scissors or circle cutter and modge podge.

  1. Cut circles out of decorative paper (I used vintage wallpaper) using circle cutter or scissors to fit the face of the coasters.
  2. Use modge podge to adhere them to the coasters surface and let dry.
  3. Seal the top using a layer of modge podge and let dry.

That’s all there is to it. I may keep these for myself, but they’d also make a great gift.

To see full-size photos, go here.

Festival of Colors

The people of India and other countries with large Hindu populations recently celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. The resulting images are saturated in gorgeous, brilliant colors.

Festival of Colors

To see more beautiful photos, go here.

[ Via Desinuts ]

Interior Aesthetics by Catherine Martin

I’ve fallen in love with the aesthetics of designer, Catherine Martin. I love the color and pattern pairings in her interior designs for rugs and wallpaper. In the past I’ve thought it would be hard for me to commit to a wallpaper design, but not these. They are just beautiful! There are also¬† some great desktop wallpaper graphics that you can download on her website.

Catherine Martin

[ Found via Absolutely Beautiful Things ]

Best Easter Card Ever

My husband has many talents. He is a wonderful communicator and strategist. His blog is ranked on the top 150 marketing blogs, and its one of the top church-related blogs in the world (#17). One that may not be well known to others is his creative genius when it comes to creating homemade cards. I save every card he gives me because they are amazing. This Easter he did not disappoint. I believe this is my favorite to date.

Easter Card

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Thanks for all the comments on the photos of our kiddo!

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I leave you with these Easter-y photos of my little man. He’s five months old now and is a great little model. I tend to think he is just the cutest little baby I’ve ever seen, but of course, I am his mama.


Easter Crafts and Decorations

While I believe in a deeper meaning for celebrating Easter, it’s still fun to take part in all the spring time cuteness and decorations. Here is what I’m loving this year.

From left to right:

Fabric Easter Eggs // Amigurumi Bunny // Adorable Egg Creatures // Egg Craft


To see my Easter post from last year, go here.

Book Cover Design Archive

How great is this? A visual archive of book cover designs and designers, for the purpose of “appreciation and categorization.” I can really appreciate a good cover design. Whoever said, “don’t judge a book by its cover” probably wasn’t thinking right. How can you not?

Book Cover Archive

[ Via Oh Joy ]

Logo Inspiration

Browsing through some visual inspiration today, I just had to share some of my top favorites from this list of 50 beautiful logos. The constant thread is the use of stunning color palettes with the use of genius shapes and great typography.

Logo Inspiration