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Book Art and Sculpture

One of my favorite things is to take something already existing and repurpose it. Artists have such a knack for this. American philosopher, Francis Schaeffer, says that since we are made in the image of God, we can be co-creators with Him. I love that. I firmly believe that everyone is creative, and has the capacity to create…something. Anyway, that was a rabbit trail. What I really want to talk about are these fabulous vintage books that have been transformed into beautiful art.

From left to right:

Book art by Melbourne based sculptor, Nicholas Jones // Sphere by shophouse [ Via Modish ]// book sculpture by feli // Book Mobile by shophouse // apple sculpture from a paperback book

Book Sculpture

Old books are floating around everywhere, and the shabby ones are great candidates for a new beginning.

Chocolate Themed Shower

This last weekend was busy hosting a baby shower at my house for a friend of mine. It was a chocolate themed shower, with a buffet of cookies, fruit, brownies, and other treats to dip into three different types of chocolate. Yum! The invitations and decor were so fun to put together. Here are some highlights:

Chocolate Themed Shower

The Invitation design from an idea I stole from Rebecca Thuss // Strawberries and Donut Holes ready for dipping // Handmade paper flowers on some branches I cut from my tree outside // Chocolate fountain and handmade paper medallions // Small centerpiece with paper flowers and paper covered tins with confetti

Typography Inspiration

I’m inspired today by beautiful typography and uniquely styled ligatures.

From left to right:

Cut type by Aoyama Hina [ Via I Love Typography ] // Poster by Jeff Canham [ Via ffffound ] // Incredible hand typography by British artist, Jung Eun Park. [ Via Modish ] // Cut type by Aoyama Hina [ Via I Love Typography ] //


Lovely Package

I really enjoy scrolling through all the wonderful packaging inspiration on In another life perhaps I would have been a package designer. Or an interior decorator. Or a secret agent. Seriously though, being a packaging designer seems like it would be a great job, and lots of opportunities to think out of the box.

[ Via ffffound ]

ThussFarrell Design

I love these patterns created by the dynamic duo of Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell of ThussFarrell Design. Check out the rest of their work – logos, websites and other printed matter.

Ever since I discovered Rebecca’s portfolio of work with Martha Stewart Living, anything with her name stamped on it interests me. She’s so creative and has such an eye for the details.

[ Found via Black Eiffel ]