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Merry Christmas

I can’t believe the week of Christmas is upon us! December has just flown by. I’ll be taking a break from blogging this week so I can give priority to other things…mainly wrapping gifts since I haven’t started. I leave you with an image of our Christmas card this year. It does double duty as a birth announcement! Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a splendid holiday.

Beauty of Quilling

Among the many styles of paper crafts, quilling is some what of a rare art form. Quilling, or paper filigree as it is sometimes called, is the art of creating intricate shapes from strips of paper. The technique is simple: After a long, narrow ribbon of paper is rolled around a needle like tool, the strip is slipped off, arranged with your fingertips into the desired shape, and then glued to a background of contrasting paper, fabric, or wood.

Here are some beautiful examples from left to right:

Snowflake // Ideas by Yuria Brodskaya // Abstract // Magic // Butterfly // Christmas Tree [ Via fffound ] // Bird // Flower

Using Fabric for Gift Wrap

If you are anything like me you have a mountain of fabric that is just waiting to be used. Why not use it for gift wrap this Christmas? Here are two ideas:

Fabric Gift Bags

If you love giving gifts and are looking for a way to avoid the waste involved with traditional gift wrap, fabric gift bags just might be the perfect solution.  Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are completely reusable, oh so easy to use, and beautiful too.  [ Via ]


The form of wrapping with cloth is a Japanese tradition called Furoshiki. Once used to ease the load in carrying items, it is now often used for gift wrapping, interior decoration and more. It’s very simple, it only takes one square piece, and the colorful scarf can make a great second gift. For all the basic and advanced techniques visit the Furoshiki website and experiment! [ Via Partly Sunny ]

Christmas Decor

My Christmas decor is a collection that I add to each year. Over the course of 2008, I’ve picked up lots of vintage ornaments of all shapes and sizes. I can only put so many in glass vases for display, so I decided to make a little “tree” to hang them on. I picked up this gnarly looking branch at an estate sale (yes, I bought a branch) and I painted it white. I’m sure you can find one on your own for free in your own backyard. Then I just hung some ornaments on the branches and put the rest in a pool at the bottom. The colorful baubles look pretty, if not a little whimsical. My husband said it reminded him of Dr. Seuss. What do you think?

Zoo Line Donkey

I recently discovered Zoo Line animals with the addition of the hippos (sold) to my online store. These vintage wooden creations are copy cats of Danish designer, Kay Bojesens works. The line includes a monkey, dog, bear, giraffe, deer, elephant, pelican, squirrel, woodpecker and duck. My husband recently found a donkey at an antique store that was closing down for dirt cheap. It’s quirky, but I love it! It’s new home is in my son’s room on his bookshelf.

Favorite Christmas Crafts

After a month long hiatus, I’m finally back! My son was born in October and I’ve been focusing on being a parent for a little while. With such a long reprieve, I’m itching to get crafty again. And with the holiday season upon us, what better time! Here are some of my favorite Christmas crafts this year.

From left to right:

Felt Christmas Trees // Animal Ornaments // Snowstorm Garlands // Paper Wreath // Snowflake Chandeliers // Snowflake Ornaments // Modern Paper Ornaments // Tomorrowland Trees