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Wicker Chair Redux for Nursery

I’ve been shopping around for quite some time for the perfect rocking chair for my nursery. Did I mention we are having a boy? Ever since I found that out, I’ve been searching for everything that would fit a cute, boyish room. When I found this wicker chair, I thought it would fit into my vision perfectly, but it need some work. The sturdy frame desperately needed a coat of fresh paint, and the cushion was hard and covered in 3 layers of dirty, worn fabric. So I set to work to give this chair a new life!


  • Wicker Chair – $25 (purchased from an estate sale)
  • 2 yards of fabric – $2 (also purchased from an estate sale)
  • Paint
  • 2 yards of batting for cushion – $2.50


  1. Completely repainted the chair with with white paint
  2. Removed old fabric from cushion
  3. Measured and cut batting and new fabric
  4. Attached the fabric and batting to the cushion with a staple gun

I’m super pleased with the final product. Now I just need to sew a cute pillow for some cushioning in the back!

A Few Poster Designs

These are just a few poster designs that have caught my eye lately. The works range from the highly detailed, to the simple beauty of color and shape. Enjoy!

From left to right:

Vivagalaca // San Francisco International Film Festival Poster by Patrick Corrigan // Vuela 1971 by Scott Hansen // Imaginary Moment Limited Edition Poster

Artist Highlight: Shaz Madani

Shaz Madani, a London-based artist originally caught my eye with his Your Journey Made Simple poster, and I went on to discover more of his great work. I love these Taste the Seasons re-usable shopping bags that he created for Sainsbury to highlight the importance of eating seasonal food.

This campaign that he created for Arctic Paper, upon closer look, uses paper to build dimensional artscapes to promote their brand. Love it!

[ Via Visual Evasion ]

Vintage Beauty: Treasures from Weekend Jaunts, Part Three

If I could only shop at estate sales and discount stores, I would be a happy woman. Typically, I avoid the mall and mainstream retail shops as much as I can. It’s the thrill of the hunt that I love, and the satisfaction of finding great bargains that are unique. Not to mention I’m trying to buck the consumerist culture we are in. Here are a few of my favorite finds as of late:

1970’s children’s book – The illustrative cover is just brilliant to me. I can’t stop looking at it! // Vintage a-line floral skirt – A cute skirt with a great pattern and shape // Vintage white Macrame handbag – so summery and fun // 80’s gold earrings and pearl ring – love me some good jewelry finds

All of this for under $7! To see full-size photos, go here.

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Swiss Banknotes and Israeli Stamps

The upside of the American dollar these days is that it is finally getting a little more colorful. I love these new Swiss banknotes designed by Zurich-based graphic designer, Manuela Pfrunder.

[ Via Creative and Live ]

It would also be really nice to have more selection when it comes to U.S. stamps. These Eliezer Weishoff designs from the 1975 Israel Environment stamp collection are just beautiful. They were created to depict three major environmental concerns – Air, Water, and Noise pollution.

[ Via NotCot ]