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Textured String Bracelets

I recently made these textured string bracelets from April’s issue of Martha Stewart Living as a birthday gift for my sister. While a little time consuming, the final product is really great. I like that each time you can create a new color scheme and design. One thing I noticed however, is that the instructions said that when you’re done with a color, “Cut the string, leaving a 3-inch tail; thread through a needle. Thread the tail under strings on inner side of bangle to secure.” I found that this was not a very solid finishing step (or simple), because the tail end could easily get loose or unravel. So instead, each time I was finished with a color, I would glue both the end and the beginning of the string to the bangle and start wrapping the new color around the two strands. This made me feel a lot better about how it would hold up in every day wear. It also provides a more seamless look if you are using multiple colors.

Textured Bangles

I’m sure it’s not the only time someone’s improved on a beautiful Martha idea! It just goes to show you that Martha isn’t perfect after all. I’m a big fan, so she’s still wonderful to me.

To see a larger version of the photo, please go here.

Inside the Artists’ Moleskines

I thought it would be interesting to post a variety of beautiful art found in Moleskine notebooks around the world. It’s amazing the quality of art that can be found in these small sketch books. Enjoy!

From left to right:

Voa! by sebogr√°ficos // Moonlight over Oxford by JodyDigger // Exercise in drawing fonts by Ann-D // Pan’s Labyrinth by Ann-D

Moleskine Art

Carpe Moleskine by Nathanael.Archer // Various Sketch by Sarah King // Pen, Marker, and Pencil by I can’t live without a Poni

Moleskine Art

To see inside more artists’ sketchbooks, visit this link.

Floral Inspired Jewelry by Ceeb Wassermann

Australian jewelry designer, Ceeb Wassermann has some beautiful handmade pieces for sale in her etsy store. Inspired by flowers, plants, and the ocean, she is also a great fan of Japanese Design.

From left to right:

Moeko Pendant // Japanese Style Chrysanthemum Pendant // Sterling Silver Fern Armbelt

Jewelry by Ceeb Wassermann

[ Via Stylehive ]

New Vintage Products in the Store

Check out the Vintage Beauty section of the evie s. online store to see a few new items that have been added.

From left to right:

Matchbox Card Games // Metal Bird Mixer // Linen Tea Towels

New Products

To see them full-size, please visit the flickr photos.

Easter Egg Inspiration and a Contest

I thought I’d post this Good Friday on the subject of Easter eggs! I hope you will be inspired by these lovely images of different ways you can decorate and design some fierce looking eggs.

Every year, my family challenges each other to an Easter egg coloring contest. There are many creative people in my family, so it’s always a big deal, and many great entries. Even though Easter means more to me than coloring eggs, it’s still a festive activity I look forward to, even as an adult.

If you are an avid egg decorator, you may want to take part in a contest of your own. Hatch Design has put together their 1st Annual Egg Coloring Contest. You can submit your entry, and even judge current entries. [ Via Creative and Live ]

From left to right:

Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Traditional dyed Polish Easter eggs. Designs produced with a stylus and beeswax.) // Naturally Dyed Eggs (Wet your egg, put flowers, grass, anything on your egg and cover it with a stocking/tight, make sure it’s stretched over the egg. Tie and cut off remainder of the stocking. Soak in dye.) // Lace Eggs from Martha Stewart // 1st Annual Egg Coloring Contest

Easter Eggs

Have a great Easter weekend!

A Little Collection of Notebooks

Does anyone collect journals and/or notebooks? I seem to have piles of them laying around and I’m doing my best to try and fill them with thoughts, notes, scripture, etc., but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fill them all. Maybe by the time I’m 100 years old! Oh well, it doesn’t stop me from still wanting a few more…you know, to add to the collection.

Here are some of my favs from left to right:

Butterfly Drift from Elum Designs // Travel Journal from Paper+Cup // Tall Grass Notebook from Snow & Graham // Amelie Journal from Delphine


Mailable Picture Frame

Came across this cool idea today–an envelope that can turn into a picture frame. Post a photo or post card plus your message with the ready-made, mailable paper picture frame in an envelope! Open, fold, put up: The 10x15cm picture frame is ready for display. It’s available in white, pink, blue, green and yellow from the online store.

Mailable Frame

[ Via DesignSpotter ]

Stunning Watercolors and Papercuts from Stina Persson

Stina Persson is a Stockholm-based illustrator popular for her vibrant and ethereal watercolors. She has done work for brand giants like Coca Cola, Sony Music, and Godiva, just to name a few.

Want a Stina of your own? To purchase Giclee archival prints please visit the high-end, British online gallery Cosh. For unique framed originals go to Gallery Hanahou.

Art by Stina Persson

Artist Highlight: Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan is based in London, England and creates beautiful paper cuts. From that original starting point he applies his emotive and moving art to a variety of applications: screenprints, textiles, ceramics, and laser-cutting. You can purchase his prints online, visit his blog, or learn more on his website.

From right to left: Bird Lady screenprint // Book cover design

Robert Ryan

PDF Download: Paper CD Case

I’m always on the lookout for cute party favors, or cheap and easy gift ideas…and I know I’m not the only one! This free downloadable template can cutely contain CD’s and you can give them away as gifts or use them for those stray CD’s laying around the house.

CD Template

Here is what you need:

  • Printer
  • Legal sized paper (8.5 x 14)
  • Sticker (optional, to seal closure)

Simply print out the template using the link below and follow the instructions.

Paper CD Case from evie s. – PDF Download
Size: 42kb

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! I try to make these projects as simple and easy to follow as possible. Enjoy!

For more images, go here and here.