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Creating Environment with Art

I love these photos of an experiential environment built by Formavision, a company that develops original art campaigns that capture one’s imagination and reinforces the brand’s vision. This particular installation was for cutting edge fashion designer duo, Marithe and Francois Girbaud. Part of the construkt series, their goal was to create limited edition design objects created by some of today’s best product designers and exclusively offered for sale at their New York flagship store in Soho.

Art by Formavision

[ Via Creative and Live ]

Laser Engraved Goodness

It’s really something when you can take a great thing and make it better. Take these already classy products — the ever-popular Moleskine and the ultimate cool computer, the MacBook. They’ve been vamped up a notch (or two or three) with beautiful laser engravings. These designs are from engrave, where you can order online and they can even etch your own customized artwork.

Laser Engraved Goodness

If you want to see more photos, go here.

[ Via authenticboredom ]

Thank You to Creature Comforts

Creature ComfortsA big thank you to Ez over at Creature Comforts for highlighting my scalloped edge piercing template!

And to all the Creature Comfort readers who came over to visit…welcome! I enjoy being able to share these projects with others, so I hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed or check back soon for more projects like this, because there will be more to come!

New on evie s. – Vintage Beauty

I’m excited to announce some new additions to the evie s. online store called Vintage Beauty. This category will feature beautiful vintage products available for sale. We will updating this area frequently as new treasures are found, but for now here is a sampling of what is currently being offered.

Vintage Beauty

Happy Shopping!
To see some flickr photos, go here.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

I’ve written on chocolate packaging before, and now I’ve found a new one to drool over! They are deliciously packaged treats from Mast Brothers Chocolate, and while the sweet stuff doesn’t usually cause me temptation, the presentation of it is irresistible.

The patterned paper is imported from Italy. Currently exclusive to Williamsburg, you can find the chocolate at Artists and Fleas (weekends only) and at Marlowe and Sons or at Spuyten Duyvil Grocery.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

[ Via Cool Hunting ]

Jewelry from Aesa and Touch

It’s not often that jewelry catches my eye. Honestly, I’m pretty picky about the jewelry I wear, so usually my accessorizing is kept pretty austere. These collections from aesa and Touch really appealed to me for opposite reasons, yet they both yield to simplicity.

From left to right:

Small Simple Ring by aesa // Boughs earrings by aesa // Mermaid by Touch, made from recycled bottle, and bamboo tooth pick // Urban Indian by Touch, both by designer Mana Bernandes

Jewelry by aesa and Touch

For information on where to buy aesa products, please email info [at] aesajewelry [dot] com. Currently, they have retailers in the U.S. as well as abroad. For inquiries on Touch products, please visit their website.

[ Via inhabitat and Refinery29 ]

DIY Project: Piercing Template for Scalloped Edges

A couple days ago I wrote about the sweet sophistication of scalloped edges. Today, I’m posting a piercing template that you can use for panel cards and whatever else your heart desires. I created it to fit perfectly on a 3.25 x 5.25 card, but you can use the design and modify it for your own purposes. My turquoise Mode de Paris G.Lalo cards were the perfect choice because the blank, one-sided panel was crying out for some customization! Download the free template using the link below.

Scalloped Edge Piercing Template from evie s. – PDF Download
Size: 30 kb

Scalloped Edges

You can see more pictures here.

Nautical Art by Jeff Canham

Jeff Canham is an artist and designer whose work has been in exhibitions around the world. His style hits me as a nautical-meets-hippie-surfer vibe. He’s certainly found himself a niche painting specialty signs and banners in Venice and New York, just to name a few locations. I think the two pieces with the flags pictured below would give a little guy’s nursery a real whimsical charm.

For more details, or to contact Jeff, you can email him at jeff_canham [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jeff Canham

[ Via ffffound ]

The Sweet Sophistication of Scalloped Edges

Beauty is sometimes in the minor details, and scalloped edges are a simple way to sweeten an otherwise ho-hum piece. The great side about this element is that it can be incorporated over a variety of different mediums that call for edges…which is just about everything!

From left to right:

Bottle label by Gabriel Morales [ Via ffffound ] // Suede No-Sew Skirt by Blueprint Magazine // Scalloped Edge Notecard by turtlepapers // Knock Knock Pendant by clevergirl

Scalloped Edges

Pattern and the Beauty of Tessellations

Pattern is certainly a staple of design, and tessellations are some of the most beautiful and elaborate forms of art patterns that you can find. Tessellations come from the early Greeks, and has a rich history. The famous M.C. Escher is known by many as the “father of tessellations” because of the Mathematical and crystallographic aspects of his work. His 1938 work entitled “Fish” is one of my favorites.

So, my love for these beautiful patterns was recently ignited when I came across these tessellation related photo plates from Owen Jones’ 1853 classic book, “The Grammar of Ornament” on Flickr. [ Via Veerle’s blog ]


I hope you enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of them as much as I did!