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Postage Stamp Design

I came across this flickr set of postage stamps from David McFarline, and I really enjoyed the designs. Some of my favs are below, but there is much to appreciate about all of them. They have been collected from various places: Bulgaria, Finland, and Brazil, just to name a few.

Postage Stamp Design

Here is a little description about the Bulgarian stamp on the very left:

This one is created for the “Banner of Peace” International Children Festival of Arts. The first run was in July 31, 1979, hence the date on the stamp. The two birds in the girl’s hair correspond to the logo of the festival – two doves in an egg shell, representing the world (also shown on the stamp). The year was chosen to coincide with the International Year of the Child – that logo is also present on the stamp.

See the entire collection of stamps here.

[ Via Reform & Revolution ]

Free PDF Download: “Classic Heart” Valentine Postcard

Classic HeartAs promised, here is the second Valentine’s Day postcard in the series. Just download the PDF using the link below and simply cut and send.

The “Classic Heart” design is a simple heart encircled in a sweet message of surrender.

Classic Heart Postcard from evie s. – PDF Download
Size: 38 kb

The next card, “Love in Lights” will be available soon…so watch for it! If you need some inspiration for romance, just read a good love story.

You can view a full-size image of the postcard here.

Dashes of Cuteness and Creativity

Cute and CreativeCuteness
I came across these Valentine’s Day Mice softies made with love by Soto Softies. Totally appropriate for the sweet holiday, I think. Something about Valentine’s Day makes me really appreciate cuteness.

I’m also inspired by the creativity in this Chain of Hearts pop up card creation by Tracy Chong. You can purchase works made by her right here.

Free PDF Download: “Vintage Romance” Valentine Postcard

Vintage RomanceInspired by the season of love, I will be releasing a series of lovely postcards that you can download and print out on an 8.5 x 11 piece of heavy weight card stock. Just download the PDF using the link below and simply cut and send. What better way to send your sweetie a quick message, then with a beautiful postcard that says it all.

First in the series is the design called, “Vintage Romance.” The design has taken cues from a deeply romantic era that says “I LOVE YOU” in an elegant way.

Enjoy, and stayed tuned for the next Valentine’s Postcard in the series, “Classic Heart.”

Vintage Romance Postcard from evie s. – PDF Download
Size: 59 kb

To view a full-size image of the postcard, you can go here and here.

One Up the Handwritten Letter

Scented StationaryThe only thing better than a handwritten letter to your valentine this year would be…a rosewood scented handwritten letter. Red Envelope is offering scented stationary that comes beautifully packaged and with a colorful floral design.

Born of a collaboration between two friends—one a perfumer and the other a stationery designer—these blank notecards and coordinating envelopes are deliciously scented in rosewood, verbena and green tea.

Of course, you could always go the DIY route and spritz your favorite fragrance on your own stationary. Either way, it’s a great way to liven up a letter to your love.

Delicate Jewelry Creations from Hester Zagt

Hester ZagtLove the metal and clay jewelry creations from Dutch artist Hester Zagt. The pieces are delicate and soft looking, with details that are intricate without being overdone. The jewelery is inspired by dutch traditional costumes, so it makes sense that it reminded me of a simple, more traditional era. I believe you can contact her to learn more about her work or find where to purchase it by emailing info [at] hesterzagt [dot] nl

[ Via decocentric ]

Botanical Photography by Clinton Friedman

Botanical PhotographyGood photography is easy to come by, but occasionally I’ll come across a set of work that is particularly striking to me. These photographs of South African botanicals from photographer Clinton Friedman are, using his own words, electric and bold. It’s rare to find stunning photos like this that aren’t digitally manipulated, but that is one thing that makes Friedman stand out. He takes the route of traditional methods, preferring the integrity and strength of the process.

[ Via HouseMartin ]

Flowers in an Instant

Flowers in an InstantApart from being just a novelty, these Instant Blossoms grow into quite a respectable little bouquet of flowers. From designer Ki-Seung Lee, this simple but elegantly complex creation was designed to simulate a real flower vase.

Creating multi-dimensional space out of a flat compact package, simply by opening the package and spraying water onto the hydroponic flowers, you have an instant flower filled “vase”.

While it certainly doesn’t replace a real vase + hearty flowers, it might make a cute little gift for Valentine’s Day. Especially if your sweetheart lives far away.

For inquiries on where to buy, please e-mail andrew [at] snapyou [dot] com

Free Font from FontShop: Anziano

Check out FontShop’s free font from their Best of ’07 list, called Anziano™.

AnzianoStefan Hattenbach’s Anziano™ deserves a spot on the Best of ’07 list as one of the few new designs that hearkens back to classic book typography. Thanks to our friends at Fountain, you can try the Small Caps for free, and when you fall in love with the typeface, come back for the rest.

If you subscribe to FontShop’s newsletter, you will receive regular updates of new fonts, including their occasional free ones. For instructions on how to install a new font, please go here.

Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day is Coming

Braille VaseAfter the Christmas glitter and baubles were cleared out of every retail store across the country, a new set of decorations took it’s place…for Valentine’s Day! It’s incredible how early we get prepped for each big day on the calendar. I admit that I’ve been struck already with an arrow from cupid, and I’m feeling romance in the air. OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but I’m looking forward to the pink and red holiday.

To kick off the Valentine’s Day season, here is a link to a braille-covered vase by artist Jessica Marie Lertvilai. The messages are braille translations of love letters.