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Free PDF Download: Self-Mailing Notecard

Free Downloadable PDFevie s. has created a free downloadable self-mailing notecard that you can easily print out on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Just download the PDF using the link below and simply cut around the pattern and fold where indicated. You can use these for thank you messages, a quick holiday greeting, or just to say hi. We recommend using a medium weight cardstock to give it some heft for going through the mail.

Self-mailing Notecard from evie s.- PDF Download
Size: 41 kb


I’m Dreaming of a…Black Christmas?

Black Christmas TreeJust stroll through the Christmas tree aisle, and you’ll see many variations of everyone’s favorite holiday staple. Blue, red, and even pink Christmas trees are some of the options to choose from. Blueprint magazine put a bubble gum pink tree on the front cover of their November/December issue. I loved it.

But what about a black tree? They were the rage in London in 2005, now they are making their way to the U.S. A tree this daring would have to be decorated thoughtfully so it doesn’t look morbid or depressing, but it can definitely be pulled off. Keep in mind too that it needs to fit in with its surroundings. A black tree would add unexpected drama to a classic home with white walls to set it off, but it would seem out of place in a Victorian style setting.

I found some ornaments that you could start with and build from there.

From left to right:

Porcelain Snowflake Ornament:My My Art + Craft // Mercury Glass Ornaments:Uncommon Goods // Jonquille Ornaments:ElseWares // Winter Melon Ornaments:Anthropologie // Ebony Swans Globe:Anthropologie


[ Via Trendhunter ]

Free Font from FontShop

O How I love free fonts from FontShop! They are really are an industry leader in providing professional fonts that are so clean and classic. Check out this new free font called Relato Sans, all you have to do is create an account.

Relato SansEmtype’s Relato Sans is the best of a fresh new breed of humanist sans serifs. Witness Eduardo Manso’s technical and artistic skill for yourself with this complimentary sampling of the complete OpenType family.

If you subscribe to FontShop’s newsletter, you will receive regular updates of new fonts, including their occasional free ones. For instructions on how to install a new font, please go here.

Business Cards: Design on a Small Palette

Good design is everywhere around us, and since just about anything can spark an idea, it’s also a great commodity. I chose to highlight business cards today because I really like thinking of this small promotional tool as a mini-palette on which to convey a brand. It’s not a lot of space but it can be used creatively to make a big impact. I think it’s wonderful that so many designers are breaking outside of the normal 3.5″ x 2″ design printed on white card stock. Here are just a few that captured my attention, but there is a lot more inspiration out there.

From left to right:

Ellen Jackson:Portraiture [ Via ] // elkha [ Via ] // Melissa Duran:Makeup Artist [ Via ]

Business Cards

Matilda Jane:Clothing Company [ Via ] // the darling room [ Via ] // pomegranit [ Via ]

Business Cards

Interior Inspiration from Ron Marvin

Ron Marvin - New York ApartmentI always say that if I wasn’t a graphic designer, I’d be an interior designer. The constant opportunity to use objects, fabric and furniture to create a room that inspires would be so fun. I recently came across some photos from interior designer, Ron Marvin and found them very appealing. The 250 square foot studio that he mastered has many favorites of mine: a mixture of dark and light furniture, the use of dark browns and, in one area, the addition of turquoise accents. The living room alone has everything I would covet if I did that sort of thing. A zebra rug, those yellow lamps, large mirror, that chandelier, and all this beauty accomplished with stark white walls! If you are inspired by interior spaces as much as I am, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this room by Ron Marvin.

Ron Marvin has worked with such companies as the Gap, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and more. He currently lives and works in New York.

Free Art from Artocracy

ArtocracyArtocracy is offering free art for anyone who has a computer and an interest to download it. This is such a great way to make art attainable to the masses. Check back every month for a new PDF to download. You can’t beat free art! This month’s artist is James J. Kelewae, and his piece comments on man’s impermanence in this world.

To download the art, just visit and click on the Download Free Art link in the left-hand navigation.

Artocracy is a virtual art space connecting artists and patrons through the sale of affordable art.

A Treat Too Beautiful to Eat

Alice Swiss ChocolatePackaging is key to selling a great product, even a product that’s as irresistible as chocolate. In the candy industry, I think it’s safe to say that it’s a little hard to stand out, but Alice Swiss Chocolate has done just that. With it’s clean, simple, and just plain cute packaging, it looks like an easy choice to me. The simple logo and girly silhouette is very victorian, but with a modern twist.

The chocolate is harvested in the Amazon and made at a factory in Bern, Switzerland and the company has been around since 1919. Available in New York City at Bblessing and Kiki de Montparnasse or at Selfridges in London, it’s a little splurge at $30 for a box of five seven-gram bars. On the other hand, it would make a great stocking stuffer for the person who can appreciate the fine things in life. For more information, you can contact them via email info [at] alicechocolate [dot] com.

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thanksgiving.gifI hope everyone truly has a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with family and reflecting on the things you are thankful for. I am signing off for the next couple days, but after bellies have been filled and it’s time to get back to work, we’ll be entering the Christmas season…our favorite here at evie s.!

Gina & Matt

art1.jpgGina & Matt (Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius) are Philadelphia-based artists who have done work for some high profile clients such as Apple, Starbucks and Urban Outfitters. Good illustration like this is so wonderful to come by. The use of color and imagery in their work is vibrant and invites you in, the way good artwork should. Gina has been recognized by Print Magazine as one of their 20 artists to watch under 30. A sampling of her artwork can be found and purchased online through Thumbtack Press.

someplaces1.jpgOne piece that they have available in their store especially appeals to me, mostly because of the subject and color. This gorgeous print of a bluejay perched on a tree branch called “Some Places, Some Times” is available in a 5×7 giclee print on acid-free Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

If you’d like to broaden your horizons and discover some new artists, browse through Frank Sturges Reps online.

Go Rustic

graphite.jpgRustic touches are a pretty big trend in design right now. Products using natural materials, such as birch bark and carved wood can be found everywhere. But as far as recreation of nature’s simplistic beauty, I love these two products for adorning the home to give it a primitive, but elegant touch. Just enough to make it look cozy. 

The Graphite Writing Sculptures by San Francisco artist Agelio Batle are beautiful and practical (my favorite combination). These sculptural beauties are made of real graphite that write like pencils and they can double as an eye-pleasing paperweight. They are available in three different versions: morel mushroom, olive branch and a leaf.

bird.jpgThe second rusticly-wonderful pick is this Bird Jewelry Holder from Pottery Barn. Typically I don’t shop at PB but as I was browsing through their catalog, this really caught my eye. I love the idea of putting the day’s jewelry to rest on this cast aluminum creation. And what a bargain at only $19.

There is alot more out there in the way of rustic accents that you can add to your interior spaces. Keep an open mind and look for clean and simple forms made of uncomplicated materials and you can do no wrong. Our Earth is the ultimate creator of beauty!