Roadtrip to Pawhuska

My mom and I spent some rare one-on-one time together driving an hour out of town to Pawhuska, Oklahoma. We were sojourning to

Dreamy Client Photo Shoot

I love working with small businesses/non-profits and start ups - it's a sweet spot for me and a niche that I will always be passionate about. When a local client I had worked with in the past contacted me to help her with her brand from the ground up, I delightfully said yes. I updated her logo, gave her a slick new ecommerce website, and took photos of her beautiful handiwork.

It’s a Great Day For…

It's a cool rainy day here, one that calls for some indoor cozy activities - like embroidery. (Pattern from the September For the Makers box.

My Heart-pounding Adventure

I've been loving photography lately. I've been loving adventure too. The two work so well together. Like last week when we went off the beaten path during a camping trip and discovered this old abandoned farm house that was so mysterious and so alluring - I just had to go in and take photos.

Farming Artist: Samantha Lamb

I met an artist when I was working at Anthropologie a few months back, her name is Samantha Lamb. Born and raised here in Oklahoma, she now lives and works on a farm in the town of Hobart, a couple hours away from the city.

How to Achieve Bokeh With Photoshop

I was recently contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to see if I'd like to try out their wrapped canvases for photos and art. I took them up on the offer and decided to print this photograph I took in my parent's backyard that I manipulated to achieve the popular and beautiful bokeh effect.