Out of Hiding

It's been a little over 6 months since coming off the road. The first 3 months were spent getting our stuff out of storage and settling into our new place, and literally detoxing from the feverish travels over 16 months and 45 states. This home has brought a lot of healing and rest for us. The boys had a very strange mix of not ever wanting to leave the house (major homebodies) and never wanting to be alone - these are symptoms I believe are directly related to being constantly on the move in 200 sq ft of space.

On the Road Again, Naturally

I can't help but laugh at how our time frame for living anywhere has gotten shorter and shorter. When 10 years ago the big dream for my life was to buy a nice large house and settle there for 30 years or so, now that that dream has changed drastically, along with our square footage. Even our last home in mid-town, which I was sure we would put down roots in, I felt in the first month that we moved in that I shouldn't get too attached.

Illustration for Emma Magazine

Have you heard of Emma Magazine? It's like Martha Stewart Living, but young and fresh. They call it "A How-To Guide for the Modern Domestic." I got to contribute to their January issue with an illustrated recipe - check out the issue, they make it available for free online.

For the Makers + Anthropologie

My gals Janet + Katie with For the Makers got to team up with Anthropologie to create these sparkly DIY bracelet kits just for the holidays.

Speaking at Circles Conference

Circles Conference is coming up in just a few short weeks. I'm excited to hear from amazing designers I respect and admire - Promise Tangeman, Cameron Moll,

Craft Night for Spero Project

I'm loving reading all your comments and thoughts on The Trouble With Beauty. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I know it will be a topic I will touch on again in the future.

A Beautiful Idea – Artists Changing the World

Special thanks to Jessica Hische for creating the beautiful logo. I’m so excited to share with a great way for artists to use their talents to give back to humanity through their work.