Realities of RV Living

We are 23 days into our RV adventure. There have been highs and lows. The first week I was convinced that we wouldn't make it. It was sweltering hot in Texas, we were still figuring out the new lifestyle and there were so. many. tantrums. My 3 year old is not making the transition easy.

Embrace Adventure

If there is one thing my boys have taught me, it's to embrace adventure. To do it more, to do it big. To slow down and see the amazing world God created. I love seeing the world through their eyes. Why not run through puddles with your shoes off? Why not run screaming and laughing in the rain? Why not pick dandelions and put them in our hair? Add a little bit of adventure in, and the world will seem that much less mundane, and that much more magical.

Motherhood & Community

I’ve been feeling like a lone ranger mom these days. It’s not for a lack of friendships, playdates, activities and the like, it’s just for the day to day work and toil of mothering little ones, I feel quite lonely - and worn out.

A Stripping of Comforts

Recently my 1.5 year old lost his pacifier - and I ran out of backups. My first son never really took one, so it was foreign to me to have a babe that desperately needed it so often.