What a Homeless Man Taught Me About Identity

I’ve been sitting on this story for several years now. After some gentle prodding from my husband, and just feeling like it’s the right time, I’m sharing it here. Some of my most profound interactions in life have been with people that would be labeled "poor" or “marginalized.”  Over the last few years we have intentionally put ourselves in environments and situations where we are able to get out of our safe “bubble” and let love in.

On the Road Again, Naturally

I can't help but laugh at how our time frame for living anywhere has gotten shorter and shorter. When 10 years ago the big dream for my life was to buy a nice large house and settle there for 30 years or so, now that that dream has changed drastically, along with our square footage. Even our last home in mid-town, which I was sure we would put down roots in, I felt in the first month that we moved in that I shouldn't get too attached.

The Fasting and the Feast

I recently finished Jen Hatmaker's book, "7 - An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess" and just had to share something with you. If you aren't already familiar, the book talks about how she did a 7 month fast, exploring 7 different areas each month - clothes, shopping, waste, food, possessions, media, and stress.

What is Beauty?

There are some whose idea of beauty is just too small. We tend to make snap judgments about what is beautiful, and what is not. But beauty can be strong and astringent, disturbing, shocking and dark.

A Full Heart

Over last weekend we successfully moved to downtown OKC - a little bit different than where we thought we were going to end up, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude where God put us in this season. We are living in apartments across the street from

The Theology of Enough

I have a hard time understanding how people who live with so much, as we do, think that they can get by without judgment when people live like this (at a Guatemala city dump). Some people choose poverty. But there are people right here next to us that have not chosen this. And if we turn our backs on them, we are turning our backs on Christ.

Nostalgic for God

I recently came across a guy named Sam Mahlstadt's blog, then his book, Creative Theology ($10 for the eBook). The book is wonderful, and it was a huge breath of life-giving air for me to read someone that is passionate about the gift of creativity, and our role in creation.

Dirt & Diety

There are some days I wake up with an extra special passion for my day. I want to do it all - cook really excellent meals, create things with my hands, paint, love on my neighbors and family - today was one of those days. I'm in the beginning of a 36-week study of Genesis. I don't think I've ever spent the time to go through the first two chapters verse by verse with scrutiny.

On Loving Your Neighbor

Can I just first admit that I'm not good at this? Loving your neighbor can be hard. It can push on selfish tendencies. Sometimes people you are trying to love will take advantage of you. Then the risk is to insulate yourself from people all together, so you aren't ever wronged again. But Jesus didn't say it would be easy.

Circles Conference – Pt. 1

Circles Conference was amazing. Three total days packed with meeting new people, listening to inspiring talks from artists I've long admired, and soaking up some much needed independence. Ismael Burciaga (the event coordinator) has been an online friend for a few years now, but I was totally blown away by him as a person - completely selfless and generous, an amazing host.